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Digital Ethics
Supports responsible ICT research and innovation and digital ethics in
disaster risk management.

This is a sub-list of CEMORE-GLOBAL
Members of the Digital Geographies Research Group
Digital Geog RG is the mailing list for the Digital Geographies Research
Group RGS. It is used for sharing information about research and events.
It will also provide a space for discussions in relation to digital
The Digital Health Generation
This list is for researchers working in digital health to share stories
about their work, find collaboration, and hear about new developments.
FP7 Proposal
The mailing list for project partners forming a consortium for the Digital
Jail proposal to the EC FP7 Call 10
Digital Methods
A list for those interested in digital methods in the context of teaching
and research. This includes updates about publications, tools, methods,
approaches, projects, events and activities.
Discussion list for Digital Modern Languages
This list is for research and teaching in Modern Languages which engages with
digital media and technologies, with a primary focus on languages other than English.
We will share announcements of events connected to the Digital Modern Languages Seminar Series,
and invite you to share announcements connected to your own digital events and projects.
Digital Musicology announcements and discussion
The list is a forum for interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners to
share news, events, and discussion of Digital Musicology.
Digital Ethics in Osteology
This mailing-list is for researchers to share issues encountered in digital

It is the first step in establishing a working group to address these
If common themes are identified recommendations for guidelines can be made.
#All digital media forms should be considered not just 3D
Digital Scholarship
This group focuses on technology enhanced postgraduate & academic learning
Digital Studies
An email list to support the activities of an interdisciplinary and
inter-institutional reading group broadly concerned with issues raised by
all things 'digital'. If you wish to participate please email Sam Kinsley before trying to
subscribe to the list: http://geography.exeter.ac.uk/staff/index.php?web_id=Sam_Kinsley
Digital Textile Printing and Design
This list provides a communication resource for those who are interested
in the art, design, research and technologies associated with textiles.
Examples include digital textile design and printing, 3D textiles, smart
textiles and wearables, digitally enabled interior fabrics, etc.
Discussion list for developing digital strategies
This list is for use by academic, technical and curatorial staff, managers and
librarians involved in developing digitisation strategies for their organisations. It is
administered by staff at The University of Manchester Library.
DiPVaC research network
queries about issues related to discourse variation analysis;

invitations for collaborations or contributions to publications discourse variation;

announcements of new publications, conferences or job openings relevant to
The DiRAC Project PI's list
The DiRAC Project PI's list. This to facilitate communication between those
awarded computing resources on the DiRAC HPC Systems and those who manage
the DiRAC HPC Systems.
DiRAC Users
List for supporting DiRAC as a VO:
This list is for communications involving individual 'users' (participating
members of DiRAC and GridPP)
Discussion list for disabled students and their support staff.
Dis-forum is open to staff and students who have an interest in all
aspects of disability related to Higher or Further Education.
Originally set up for discussion of the 93/4 HEFCE Special
Initiatives, it is not a researchers list. However, any contributions or queries on
the subject of support for disabled students and staff in universities
are welcome.
Disability and higher education policy discussion list
This list aims to serve as an interdisciplinary discussion forum for the
current policy issues on the service provision for disabled students and
staff in higher education in the UK bringing together researchers,
service providers, service users and policy makers from a wide range of
BSA Disability Study Group
A critical approach to the sociology of disability is timely given the
challenges facing disabled people under the current coalition government
in the UK. This Study Group aims to reclaim the alost sociology of
Spirituality and theology of disability
This list provides a forum for people to explore issues relating to the
spirituality and theology of disability. It is aimed at people with
disabilities, practitioners and researchers with an interest in this
Disability and Welfare Reform
Among the many groups affected by UK welfare reform and benefit cuts, sick
and disabled people can arguably lay claim to being â&
128;˜the hardest hitâ&
128;™. Specific policies (including the introduction of Employment and Support
Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, the Work Programme and
Universal Credit), the narrative about supporting only the
‘genuinely disabledâ&
128;™, and wider austerity measures will all have major impacts on the lives of
disabled people. Against this context, it is critically important to
engage with empirical research that helps explore the likely consequences
of this ongoing reform programme. This group is for those interested in
these debates, building from a Social Policy Association-funded event in
Sep 2012.
Disability and Disasters
A forum for knowledge exchange and networking between researchers from any
discipline who wish to advance understanding of disability issues in a
disaster or crisis context.
The Disability-Research Discussion List
This list is intended for all those interested in research as it affects
disabled people. It provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, information
and news, among researchers and others working primarily within a social
interpretation of disability.
Disability and Industrial Society
Disability was endemic to industrial society with a high incidence of
accidents and injuries. This discussion group is concerned with how
industrialization shaped conceptions and experiences of disability and how
the narratives of disability (historical, literary, journalistic etc) are
Dis/ability Studies Discussion List
This group, based at the University of Sheffield, aims to support existing
research in the area of dis/ability studies, disseminate research findings
and investigate new areas of investigation and collaboration, both
nationally and internationally. We welcome academics from across the
disciplines as well as research users, policy makers, research
participants, and others interested in contributing to this dynamic and
growing field.
Disability Studies PGR mailing list
This is a mailing list for postgraduate researchers who are working within
disability studies. It will be used for announcing events aimed primarily
at postgraduate students. It can also be used as a way to build a
community of researchers who can support one another.
Disaster Resilience
- The Disaster Resilience list aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the

complex term, resilience; and to identify the key dimensions of resilience across a

range of disciplines and domains.

- The creation of this list is linked to the FP7 project, emBRACE: Building Resilience

Amongst Communities in Europe www.embrace-eu.org

- emBRACE is jointly co-ordinated by Prof Debby Sapir (Universite Catholique De

Louvain) and Dr Maureen Fordham (Northumbria University)

- This DISASTER-RESILIENCE discussion list was launched on 13 October 2011,

International Day for Disaster Reduction http://www.unisdr.org/2011/iddr/. The List

is managed by Maureen Fordham, John Twigg and Hugh Deeming

- The emBRACE project has received funding from the European Community‘s

Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 under grant agreement n° 283201.

The European Community is not liable for any use that may be made of the

information shared on this list.
Discourse, Power, Resistance in Education
The Discourse, Power, Resistance (DPR) mailing list is used for the
exchange of information, ideas and opinions on DPR, particularly in
Education in the UK, and with specific reference to Post-Compulsory
Education and Training.
Discover Materials - Ambassadors Network
Announce Mailling List for Discover Materials
(http://www.discovermaterials.uk/) Ambassador Maillist to coordinate
activities across the UK
District nursing
A U.K. based list to bring together ideas and views from the wide
community of district nurses. The list will encourage sharing of research
findings, relevant conferences and the impact of policy upon the role of
the district nurse. Research and educational opportunities are
fundamental to the practice of district nursing. The list will be of great
value to practitioners and educationalists.
Wildlife abundance estimation using distance sampling techniques.
This list is now closed to new postings -- it's been transitioned to a Google group:
Research in distance learning
This list is a forum for the wider discussion of research in distance
learning, from a wide range of theoretical perspectives, as well as
practical, technical and administrative issues. The list is eclectic in
scope and actively welcomes contributions.
Distributed Artificial Intelligence
This list is for all researchers who are interested in Distributed
Artificial Intelligence and enables them to exchange ideas, to discuss
hot issues and problems, to ask and answer questions, and to share
experience in dai researchs and experiments.
Diversity Council
This list is for library and information professionals in all sectors who
are interested in issues of diversity and equality as they pertain to
questions of race, gender, disability, sexuality, etc. The emphasis is
on unity within diversity and so people of all races are welcome to become
Diversity in HE
For delegates of two courses on diversity who expressed an interest in
setting up a mailbase as a discussion on managing diversity in the HE
Dix-neuf is a mailing list run under the auspices of the Society of
This society was established to provide a scholarly focal point for
nineteenth-century French studies in the UK and Ireland. It organizes
events bringing together both postgraduates and academics and publishes
articles in its online journal.
Digital Learning Network DLNet
This list is to share ideas and best practice in using digital technology to support
learning in museums, libraries, archives, galleries etc
DL_POLY Mailing List
DL_POLY is a leading molecular dynamics package in UK developed at Daresbury Laboratory
since 1992 to meet the needs of the UK's Computational Community Project 5 (CCP5).

First releases in 1993 it has progressed to version 4.09 serving a large community of
academic and industrial

This mailing list is not a replacement for your own work, nor is it a replacement for your
supervisor's work.

This mailing list is a voluntary endeavour: nobody is entitled to an answer, even less to
an immediate answer.
Diabetes and Liaison Psychiatry
This group would be directed at academics, physicians and psychiatrists
involved in research and care delivery of patients with Diabetes Mellitus
and psychological impact on the person.
DMF (Data Migration Facility) service. Used to inform users of changes to
the service.
Diaspora, Migration and the Media
Discussion list of the Diaspora, Migration and the Media section of the
European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA)
DMPonline developers list
A list for technical discussion related to DMPonline to allow the wider
developer community to share ideas and contribute to the code. DMPonline
is an open source tool provided by the Digital Curation Centre for Data
Management Planning.
DMPonline user group discussion list
A list to enable the community to more easily feed into the development of
DMPonline, the DCC's data management planning tool. This list will act as
a place to share ideas for future development and to feedback on plans.
Digital Music Research Network - public discussion list
General discussion list concerning the Digital Music Research Network
(www.dmrn.org), and Digital Music in general.
De Montfort University Professoriate
This is a discussion list that supports the professoriate of De Montfort
University by allowing members to communicate within the professoriate and
to reach out to professoriates in other universities.
DNSSEC Discussion List
Discussion of DNSSEC deployment in JANET sites.

Note that the reply-to on this list is set to "sender" rather
than "list." This makes it more like most mail lists, but may be
different to what you expect from JISCmail. If you wish to carry
on a conversation on the list rather than reply to the sender
privately, remember to hit "reply to all."
Mailing list for the TaPRA working group on Documenting Performance
W4 P14 I1 P2 W3

This list is for members of the Documenting Performance working group
within the TaPRA (Theatre & Performance Research Association) but it is also open to
others in the education and research community who are past or potentially future TaPRA
DOLPHIN-VIVO Project Management Group List
DOLPHIN-VIVO Project Management Group List
A list for members of the PMG at Exeter, Bristol and Gloucester
Deans of Students
The list for all those in UK HEIs whose job role is Dean of Students.
802.1X Special Interest Group
The 802.1X special interest group (DOT1XSIG) was formed in order to draw together members
of the Janet community and selected experts from the industry and international eduroam
communities with particular knowledge, expertise and interest in 802.1X technology.

The aim of the group is to discuss, research and disseminate information on the use of
secure authenticated access to campus networking, and to support developments in 802.1X
supplicants, deployment/configuration tools and RADIUS servers. It also plays an important
role in informing development of the eduroam service in the UK and is a key part of Jisc
Technologies' engagement with the community in relation to the service.

In addition to this jiscmail mailing list a 'community group' has been set up on the Jisc
Technologies Community web site as a collaborative work area where material can posted and
documents shared: https://community.jisc.ac.uk/groups/dot1x-sig

The group aims to gather 2-3 times a year for a day long meeting where catering is
of course provided. Videoconferencing access is generally available for those who cannot
attend in person. Jisc Techologies sponsors the group and greatly appreciates the
participation of the members.
DPO-Share Steering Group
To enable communication within the HEFESTIS DPO-Share Steering Group.

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