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Distance Learning programmes mailing list
To facilitate discussion on the administration of and problems
encountered with distance learning programmes.
HEEON equal opportunities list
The list aims to provide a channel of communication for those
interested in equal opportunities in higher education for
students and staff.
List for HE administrators interested in financial matters
This list aims to provide a means for communication and information
dissemination for HE administrators interested in financial matters. It is
run by the JANET User Group for Administrators (JUGA).
Topics in postgraduate administration mailing list
A forum for discussion of topics in postgraduate administration, whether
in Graduate Schools, or in the graduate sections of central, faculty,
school or departmental offices.
HEERA (the Higher Education External Relations Association)
HEERA mailing list
HESA administration mailing list
For the use of administrative staff who are involved in the preparation
of HESA (Higher Education Statistical Agency) returns. The majority of
issues raised on this list are expected to be technical or managerial
problems directly related to the administration of the various HESA
Medical or Health care Schools and Faculties administrators list
admin-medical is a list open to all administrators involved in Medical
education and research, particularly those with responsibility for
Medical or Health care Schools and Faculties. The list is designed to
facilitate the exchange of news, information, and advice between users.
OfS alerts to higher education providers
Used by the Office for Students (OfS) to distribute information
to the higher education providers it regulates and funds.
The information is particularly relevant to people in administrative
positions. It is not a discussion list.
Payroll administration mailing list
Payroll administration is a highly specialised topic and requires specific
skills, knowledge and experience. This list will allow university payroll
managers nationwide to share those attributes promptly and economically,
and provide a consistent and professional service to all employees.
Academic, financial or space planning in UK universities
This list is for the benefit of those working in academic, financial
or space planning in UK universities and colleges, and others interested
in these areas.
Administrative issues of relevance to Scottish HEIs
This list is intended for discussion of all administrative topics which
relate only to Scottish HEIs. For topics of interest UK-wide, the specific
admin lists (eg admin-student, admin-finance) should be used.
List for discussions regarding Student Loans Company and Bursaries
ADMIN-SLC This list aims to provide a means of communication and
information dissemination for HE administrators interested in any, or all, aspects of
dealing with the Student Loan Company and their various associated bodies.
This list provides a means for communication for HE and FE Administration
This list is for HE and FE Administration issues.
This list aims to provide a means of communication and information
dissemination for HE administrators interested in student matters.
It is run by the JANET User Group for Administrators (JUGA).
The purpose of the list is to allow Human Resources directors in HEIs to
exchange views and information.
Sub-list of admin-uhr
UHR representatives
The purpose of the list is to allow an advisory group to exchange
information .
The group consists of HR professionals who have a role in providing expertise
and advice to the Universities and colleges Employers Association and who
will represent the employers in the Joint National Committee for Higher Education
Universities Marketing Forum
This list is used by the Universities Marketing Forum (UMF) to make
announcements to HE Marketing Directors in the Higher Education community
about strategy, research, services, programmes, publications, projects,
and events of mutual interest.
Archaeology Data Service Superlist
Superlist for the ads-* (Archaeology Data Service) suite of discussion
lists. The Archaeology Data Service exists to support teaching learning
and research with digital data in archaeology. It collects, describes,
catalogues, preserves, and provides user support for digital resources
that are created as a product of archaeological research. The discussion
list provides a forum in which the ADS can inform interested parties about
recent developments at the ADS, and encourages debate on relevant issues
ofcomputing in archaeology.
ADS Depositors
This is a list to allow the Archaeology Data Service (mandated AHRC Digital
Archive for
Archaeology) at the Department of Archaeology, University of York to contact their
depositors only, rather than all users - c.80% UK HE
The UK Adult Numeracy discussion list
A discussion list for Adult Numeracy specialists in the UK.
A discussion list for trainers of adult numeracy teachers
***This list has been retained 22/07/2014 no one can subscribe to this
list and no one can post to this list – contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for
all enquiries regarding this list***

This list is a discussion and information list for trainers of adult
numeracy teachers.
AMSU Advice Centre Managers
For managers of students advice centres in students unions to share best
and operational information relevant to these positions
Student Advice Network East Anglia
This mailing list is for individuals working within student advice within
East Anglia.

This list is primarily aimed at improving communication and developing our
services individually and as a whole through sharing best practice and
exploring opportunities together.

With this in mind, other individuals working within welfare and membership
services are welcome to join in order to further these objectives
AESOP Sustainable Food Planning group
This is the list of the AESOP "Sustainable Food Planning" group.
This list is used to share call for papers, conferences, and activities of the
Audit and Feedback MetaLab
The A&F MetaLab collaboration aims to connect those using A&F and
researchers in the field and create shared learning across A&F
laboratories around the world to increase the effectiveness of A&F.
Association for Academic Outreach
This Association for Academic Outreach list facilitates
discussion, development and dissemination of good practice. Membership is
drawn from academics engaged in forms of Outreach, including
employability, public engagement and Widening Participation,
predominantly, though not exclusively, within the UK.
Archives for Education and Learning discussion forum
Discussion forum for people involved in Archives and Education
Abertay hosting SICSA MMI Affective Computing workshop
SICSA Affective Computing workshop to be held at Abertay early next year (date to be
Association for French Language Studies mailing list
This is an open discussion list for members of the Association for French
Language Studies and other colleagues involved in teaching and research
in French in Higher Education. It is intended to facilitate the exchange
of information in the areas of teaching and research in French language
African Studies in Ireland Network
Informal group of scholars working in Northern Ireland (UK) and the
Republic of Ireland (ROI) on African topics.
List for African Awakenings attendees and other interested people
To provide a forum for academics and activists to discuss African social

To circulate information about upcoming events and mobilise support.

To provide linkages between activists and academics in Africa and the UK.
After the Wall - Discussion Forum for East German Studies
The purpose of this list is to provide a forum for scholars working on
memories and
representations of the GDR. It has grown out of the interdisciplinary AHRC-funded 'After
the Wall' network, and aims to provide a forum for members wishing to
information such as calls for papers, conference announcements and new book
as well as those who wish to seek advice from the academic community on
specific research
The Ageing in Europe mailing list
This is the mailing list of the ESA Research Network on Ageing in Europe.
The Ageing in Europe mailing list is used for researchers in the field of
ageing. Purposes include sharing information on conferences and
publications; exchanging ideas relevant to research on ageing; making
contact with potential collaborators on new research initiatives.
BSA Ageing Body and Society study group
This list is to facilitate communications - about research and conferences
etc. -
between members of the British Sociological Association study group 'Ageing, Body and Society'
Discussion list for Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Project CV
Agricultural Green House Gases Project Discussion Mailing List. A mailing
list to manage and record all discussions about terms added and being
considered for the AGHGP Controlled Vocabulary for variable names.
Agresso CRM User Group
To support and develop the use of Agresso CRM in FE and HE
in the UK
Research and Teaching in the area of Agricultural Economics.
A list for the discussion of matters relating to research and teaching
in the area of Agricultural Economics.
Agroforestry Research News for Europe
A distribution list to communicate research and development news related to
agroforestry in Europe, linked to the EU FP7 research project "AGFORWARD"
and the work of the European Agroforestry Federation
Arts and Humanities Research Impact Network
A network of impact practitioners and professionals working in the Arts and
Association of History and Computing-UK Branch list
For members of the Association of History and Computing-UK Branch and
interested others to discuss the uses of computers and computer-assisted
methods in research and teaching within the UK.
Discussion list for digitisation projects
***This list has been retained 03/08/2015 no one can subscribe
to this list and no one can post to this list – contact
helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list***

AHDS-discuss is an open list for projects involved in digitisation. It
helps members locate projects working with practices and standards similar
to their own; identify existing tools, software that can be shared between
projects; get feedback in hardware and software used in data capture;
provide advice on getting round particular problems
Discussion/news list for AHDS Performing Arts
Discussion and news list for AHDS Performing Arts, covering digital
data resources for research in music, film, video, theatre,
arts, performance art and dance.
Discussion list for AHE committee
AHFAP, for image professionals in the UK cultural heritage sector
A list for monthly email newsletters and major announcements from the AHRC
AHRC Collaborative Skills Development Forum
AHRC-LABEX Joint Call: Care for the Future-Pasts in the Present
AHRC Postgraduate Coordinators Forum
Discussion list for AHRC Design Researchers

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