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Degree Apprenticeship
This group is set up for those training providers on the RoTAP (Register of
approved training providers). The aim of this community to is share
information / questions / learnings from the Degree Apprenticeship
programmes running within institutions.
The discussion list for the Deliberations website. [CLOSED March 2016]
Deliberations was an interactive, electronic web-based resource on
teaching and learning in higher education. The deliberations-forum list
acted as a platform for the higher education community to discuss a wide
range of issues on teaching and learning and to disseminate, request and
share relevant information.
Democracy and Commonwealth Network
L8 L9 L10 V1 L12
This list is used by the Democracy and Commonwealth Network to advertise
relevant news
items, academic announcements, discussion topics and other information connected
Democracy in the Commonwealth.
International Mailing List on Dementia Activism
L3 A1
This list is to provide an international forum for announcements, debate,
and knowledge
exchange related to dementia activism. Academics, professionals, activists welcome.
Dentistry/dental care education
A list for all those involved or interested in dentistry/dental care
education; it is of particular interest to curriculum developers in UK
dental schools. It covers all levels of dental education & provides a
forum for discussion, exchange of ideas & information.
UCL Depthmap
This list is for discussions of issues to do with the UCL
Depthmap software
developed by UCL. This software is now in use by over 1500
researchers, students and academics in
over 70 countries.
Topics include the trivial (how to use certain features) to
questions about
the direction of future developments, and the active involvement
of other
DERIVE computer algebra system
Welcome to the electronic discussion list derive-news@jiscmail.ac.uk
which has been set up following the first international DERIVE conference.
Its purpose is to promote the discussion of issues related to the DERIVE computer
algebra system.
Disability Equality Research Network DERN
This group expects to grow rapidly over the following 12 months. It grew
from 6 founding member to 95 since Easter 2010, and has a good amount of
international interest too. The forum is about disabled people
researching anything at all, and also anyone at all researching issues on
disability and we are holding the first Disability Equality Research
Network DERN conference at LSE during Summer 2011.
Design Fiction Discussion
A list for discussing issues around design fiction research and practice.
Design History Society
A forum for the discussion of design historical issues, and the exchange
of related information and reviews, administered by the Design History
Society for members and interested others.
The Distribution List for Design Research News
This list has been established by the Design Research Society
to distribute Design Research News, an electronic newsletter that
communicates related news throughout the world. It is mailed
automatically at the beginning of each month and is free.
Announcement list for design4health conferences
This list is used by the organisers of the Design4Health European
conferences to communicate with contributors
and participants. This conference is open to researchers
and practitioners in design and health.
Desire2Learn UK Userlist
This list is used by UK education institutions that have Desire 2 Learn
(Brightspace) as their VLE
Developing Teaching in Inclusive Music Education
This list is being used to develop networks and opportunities for national
international cooperation among educators working in or with an interest in the field of
Inclusive Music Education.
Development-Management Mailing List
Development-Management Mailing List
Westminster Development Policy Research Network - Mailing List
Mailing list associated with the Westminster Development Policy Network at
the University of Westminster (Lonodn) and open to anyone working in the
field of international development, development policy, or development
ORAC Developers
A list for those involved with the development of ORAC code.
Devon Pharmacy Network with Plymouth University
This list is for pharmacists and their staff in Devon to discuss how
pharmacies can ensure
a quality services, support the training needs of all staff, and identify
research possibilities.
Digital Humanities at De Montfort University
A list to facilitate discussion amongst members of the Faculty of Art,
Design and Humanities at De Montfort University (staff and students) with
an interest in Digital Humanities.
UK Ireland Digital Humanities Collaboration
A collaborative research funding programme between the Arts and Humanities
Research Council and the Irish Research Council.

In order to help researchers or interested partners to find partners in both
countries for the Digital Humanities funding calls, this email group has
been set up so that researchers can subscribe to receive such requests,
and to post requests themselves.
Digital Humanities North West
Digital Humanities North West aims to bring together those teaching and
researching using DH tools and methods at institutions in the North West
of England. We share ideas and methods for research and teaching and
explore ways to collaborate.
Health Psychology DHP-Scotland Postgraduate/Stage 2 Announcements List
This list will provide relevant announcements to all postgraduates and
Stage two trainees within Scotland. This will include jobs and funding
opportunities as well as relevant training days and conferences. The list
can also be used by Health Psychology
postgraduates and trainees to network and ask others in the Health Psychology
in Scotland for advice. This list is run by the postgraduate
representatives from the Division of Health Psychology-Scotland committee.
Diabetes app challenge project
This list is for the research team members and collaborators working on the
research project called "The Diabetes App Challenge". This project, funded
by Diabetes UK, aims to develop and evaluate an app to support young
people with diabetes.
DIALS commit messages
Commit messages for the software repository at
This list is to facilitate planning and discussion for the DIAMET field campaign. (DIAMET
= Diabatic influences on mesoscale structures in extratropical storms -A NERC Storms Risk
Mitigiation project).
Diasporas, Transnational Communities and the Media
This is a list that hopes to initiate a lively dialogue on diasporas and
their involvement in media cultures. This list aims at attracting mainly
academic scholars doing research on minorities, diaspora and the media, as
well as minority and NGO representatives, who are active in the field. This
is an open-access list.
This list will be used by researchers in the field of MR diffusion
Imaging to discuss issues and new research in the field.
It will also be used to make announcements about meetings.
Announcement list of DiG-UK
This list is used by Diversity in Geoscience, UK (DiG-UK) to make
announcements and provide communications with and between its members -
Earth and Environmental sciences, Geography and Ecology (GEES) UG and PG
students, academics, FE teachers and professionals.
Digging for data
The Digging for data mailing list is used for helping data users to
locate data and to share information on how to find resources on the web.
Digital archaeology mailing list.
List for local support staff of the EDINA Digimap service.
List for local support staff of the EDINA Digimap service. The list will be used to inform
those who support the service (support staff, academics and postgraduates) of upcoming
events, training and changes to the service that may affect support material, lesson
plans, etc.
Digimar - Digital Marine Science Libraries
The Digimar mailing list is to be used for the discussion of the furthering
of digital development among Marine Science Libraries.
Digital Arts Forum
Forum for the development of communication networks between digital
practitioners within the East Midlands.
Digital Audio Supported Learning
Discussion and support regarding the use of digital audio as a single
medium including podcasting to support learning, teaching and assessment.
Digital Culture
Recent changes in technology have led to critical debate about its
actual & potential effects on cultural production. In photography, for
example, this has been articulated around what it constitutes as a
practice & notions of authenticity. This list explores these issues &
related subjects.
Digital Health
This list is used by Jisc to connect those interested in digital health in
a multi-stakeholder network and to make announcements to Further and
Higher Education, research and other communities about Jisc strategy,
services, programmes, publications and projects
Forum for those interested in digital library and collection issues
A forum for discussing issues and arranging events concerning digital
libraries, Special
Collections and archives.
Discussion around digital literacy
This list encourages discussion around developments in digital literacy, and provides an
opportunity to share and engage best practice.
Discussion Forum for the AHRC funded project "Digital Manual"
This list is used as a discussion forum by the project team, research
participants and
network members of the AHRC-funded project: Creation and Publication of the
Manual': Authority, Authorship and Voice". The online discussions will add to the
#contextualisation and dissemination of the project themes.
Digital Manufacturing
Digital Manufacturing, Digital Engineering, Industry 4.0, Smart Product and
Manufacturing, Digitisation, digitalisation
Digital-Preservation Announcement and Information List
This list is devoted to announcements and information on activities
relevant to the preservation of digital materials. Digital Preservation is international in
scope and the list has members in over 30 countries worldwide. Postings cover all
relevant sectors including libraries, research data centres and services, archives,
museums, publishing, and related fields.
This Super-list posts to the following sub-lists: DIGITAL-PRESERVATION-IPRES and DIGITAL-
Digital accessibility regulations for education
support for FE and HE organisations implementing and responding to
accessibility legislation.
A discussion about our digital adventure
This list helps us explore the Digital Adventure in Libraries, Archives,
Culture and Arts and related educational services. From LibTech to
makerspaces, AI to Z.
Jisc Digital Apprenticeships Project
Universities, Colleges and Training Providers are looking to digital
solutions to support and meet the challenge of the increase in
Digital Civics
This list is for those working in or interested in Digital Civics, a
research agenda of Human-Computer Interaction and Social Sciences.
The Digital Classicist List
A list for discussion of issues relating to the study of the
ancient world (at all levels) in collaboration with digital
humanities, computer science, and other quantitative disciplines.
The Digital Comics Research List
This list facilitates the discussion of research and scholarly activity in
the field of digital comic studies.
Digital Diamonds for Dig Lit practitioners Wales
This list is used by digital literacy practitioners in Wales to share
information, links and news.
Digital Diamonds is the name of this community of practice and its website.
Digital Ethics
Supports responsible ICT research and innovation and digital ethics in
disaster risk management.

This is a sub-list of CEMORE-GLOBAL
Members of the Digital Geographies Research Group
Digital Geog RG is the mailing list for the Digital Geographies Research
Group RGS. It is used for sharing information about research and events.
It will also provide a space for discussions in relation to digital

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