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Data Futures AP Jiscmail Group
HESA's Data Futures programme will transform the data collection process
#for the UK higher education sector. This list will be used to provide
#updates on the project to AP community.
HESA In-house systems group
This mail group is a forum for institutions that will be developing
'in-house' systems to support the HESA Data Futures return.
David Mitchell research list
Following the David Mitchell Conference 2017, this list has been set up in
order for researchers to share their ideas and work in progress, circulate
new publications and news, and to help foster new collaborations and
connections across the research community.
Main mail list for the dawn collaboration
This list is used to disseminate information between all members of the dawn
on all aspects of the collaboration. It can also be used to contact members of the
collaboration by other interested parties.
DAWN Science Developers
Mailing list for the Developers of the DAWN Science collaborative software.
DCMI Advisory Board Steering Committee
The mailing list of the Advisory Board Steering Committee.
DCMI Accessibility Community
The DCMI Accessibility Community is a forum for individuals and
organizations involved in implementing Dublin Core in a context of
accessibility, with the objective to enhance interoperability of
accessible resources through the use of Dublin Core metadata.
DCMI Architecture Forum
This list, which supersedes dc-datamodel, dc-schema, and dc-implementors,
is intended for discussion of a technical architecture for the Dublin
DCMI Conferences and Meetings Committee
The mailing list for the Conferences & Meetings Committee.
DCMI Community Specifications Committee
The mailing list for the Community Specifications Committee.
Dublin Core Cultural Heritage Task Group
To identify the challenges of metadata for cultural heritage and to provide a simple
cross-community metadata model for Cultural Heritage Objects and give a recommendation for
the development of Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) Application Profiles.
DCMI Education Community
Electronic discussion list to support the efforts of the international
Dublin Core effort's Educational metadata working group in exploring
issues directly related to deployment of Dublin Core for the description
of educational materials.
DCMI Education and Outreach Committee
The mailing list for the Education and Outreach Committee.
List for the DCMI-FOAF Cooperation Task Group
A list for monitoring the cooperation agreement between DCMI (Dublin Core
Metadata Initiative) and FOAF (Friend of a Friend) Project and for
discussion of issues of common interest, such as
formal alignments between DCMI Metadata Terms and the FOAF Vocabulary.
General DCMI discussion list
The broadest of mailing lists for the international Dublin Core
community. Unlike other lists, which relate to the tasks of specific Task
Groups or DCMI Communities, this list is for announcements of general
interest relevant to the development, deployment, and use of metadata.
DCMI Government Community
This list is intended for discussion of the uses to which the Dublin
Core Element Set might be put in describing government and public sector resources.
This list will support a collaborative activity between the Dublin Core
Metadata Initiative and the IEEE LTSC to develop a new recommendation for
using IEEE LOM in Dublin Core metadata. Sublist of DC-EDUCATION
DCMI Localization and Internationalization Community
This list supports the efforts of the DCMI Localization and
Internationalization group exploring issues directly related to
deployment of Dublin Core metadata in multiple languages.
DCMI Knowledge Management Community
A forum to support the work of the Dublin Core Knowledge Management
DCMI Libraries Community
A mailing list for the DCMI Libraries group focussing on issues from the
library sector.
DCMI-LRMI Task Group
The objective of the DCMI/LRMI Task Group is to serve as the working group
forum for discussions on planning, management and further development of
the LRMI (Learning Resource Metadata Initiative) specification. The Group is a Task
Group of the DC-Education Community with proposals on approved work
packages advanced through the DCMI Community Specifications Committee.
DCMI/NKOS Task Group
P14 P11
Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
Task Group developing a Dublin Core Application Profile for KOS
(Knowledge Organization System) Resources
DCMI Professional Education and Training Task Group
The objective of the Professional Education & Training Task Group is to
serve as the working group for discussions, ongoing planning and execution
of the DCMI competency-based education and training agenda.
DCMI Preservation Community
The DCMI Preservation Community is a forum for individuals and
organisations involved in implementing Dublin Core metadata in
a context of long-term digital preservation, with the objective
to promote the application of Dublin Core in that context.
DCMI Task Group on Metadata Provenance
The list will support the Dublin Core Task Group on Metadata Provenance
List for discussion on application profiles and mappings
List to support discussion on components of current and emerging library, publishing, and
related bibliographic metadata standards as RDF vocabularies for use in developing Dublin
Core application profiles and semantic mappings.
DCMI Registry Community
The DCMI Registry Community is a forum for service providers and
developers of both metadata schema registries and controlled
vocabulary registries to exchange information and experience.
Competency Index Review List
A mailing list for reviewers of the Competency Index.

Note: Previously used in 2008 for more general review of DCMI documents.
DCMI Science and Metadata Community
P14 I2 F0
A forum for individuals and organisations to exchange information and
knowledge about
metadata describing scientific data
DCMI Social Tagging Community
Dublin Core social tagging discussion list
DCMI Technical Board
The mailing list for the Technical Board. The Technical Board is the
organizational body that ensures the publication and maintenance of
DCMI technical and semantic specifications.
DCMI Usage Board
A mailing list for the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative's Usage Board, which maintains
DCMI Metadata Terms.
DCMI Vocabulary Management Community
A discussion list for the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) Vocabulary
Management Community
Discrete Choice Network Africa
A UK-based worldwide e-mail broadcast system for the discrete choice
community, who have a focus on research in Africa.
Development Directors Forum Group
X8 X9 ZB
A group for those engaged in fundraising at new HE UK institutions with a
remit for sharing benchmarking data and best practice.
The Dyscalculia and Dyslexia Interest Group Members List
This list will help DDIG to share ideas and developments in the area of
supporting maths for HE students with Dyscalculia and Dyslexia.
Data Envelopment Analysis
A list for the discussion of any matters relating to Data Envelopment
Analysis: Information about conferences, publications, webpages, news,
research-in-progress, etc.
Data Envelopment Analysis applied in Health Care
This list provides an electronic discussion forum and information
Privacy notice for dea-health
By using the dea-health list your personal data (email address, name) may be used by the
list owner to manage your membership, support you in using this mailing list, to identify
problems or to make the mailing list better.

If you post messages to this mailing list, be aware that any personal data you share within
your email (email address, name and signature information) may be visible to others. To
check who else may view your message and personal data, check the mailing list archive
privacy setting, which is displayed at www.jiscmail.ac.uk/dea-health

Your email will continue to be subscribed to the mailing list until you ask the list owner, or
JiscMail Helpline to remove your details. Any email messages you post to the mailing list
will remain in the mailing list web-accessible archives, until you ask the list owner, or
JiscMail helpline to remove these details.
Deaf Education Knowledge Network
This network is open to deaf education practitioners and researchers for
the purposes of sharing events, projects, publications and developments and to
facilitate collaborative, international and multidisciplinary working.
Digitally Enhanced Advanced Services Network Plus
The DEAS project aims to create a community of researchers and
practitioners working collectively across disciplines (computer sciences,
engineering and business) and sectors (manufacturing, transport and
finance services) to co-create and initiate a comprehensive research
agenda that accelerates the innovation of digitally enhanced advanced
services within the UK. The principal research question of this project is
'How can transformative digital technologies accelerate the innovation of
DEAS, and also deliver significant impact on the manufacturing, transport
and financial service sectors in the UK?'
Death Research Network
This list is to facilitate communications about research and conferences
between researchers whose interest is in the study of death. This group is
interdisciplinary but aims mainly at researchers in the social sciences
and humanities.
The Social Context of Death, Dying and Disposal of the Dead
This list is for scholars in the social and medical sciences and the
humanities interested in the social context of death, dying and the
disposal of the dead to raise issues for discussion, circulate information
about current developments, and seek help with research (e.g. bibliographic
Decision Engineering
A list supporting researchers and practitioners in decision engineering
focusing on developing tools and techniques for informed decision-making
within industry by utilising distributed organisational knowledge.
Decolonising Research Development in Higher Education
This list aims to faciliate interconnections and mutual learning between
research offices, researchers and funders in higher education in the UK
and globally to improve research development practices informed by a
decolonial awareness.
Decolonise Chester
Network for the decolonisation of Higher Education at the University of
Chester and beyond.

Join to make connections with students, academics and staff working to
decolonise the university.
Decolonising Classics
A list to discuss themes, ideas, events, and work aimed at decolonising
classics, classical studies, ancient history, and archaeology (including
reception studies and teaching and learning).
Decolonizing Alliance
This is a discussion group of the Decolonizing Alliance. The Alliance
brings together efforts of academic activism to actively challenge
imperialist, hetero/cissexist, racist and ableist norms and behaviour in
Discussion list for the Design Education Association
DEED represents Departments, Schools, Faculties and Courses offering
advanced level design education, including post-graduate studies and
research in a variety of design areas.

DEED recognises the increasing significance of interdisciplinary practice in all
areas of design with the advent of the new information technologies,
multimedia and computer-based design. In tandem with the increasingly
multidisciplinary nature of design education with
the growth of modularity, hybrid design disciplines and research.

DEED supports its members and the broader academic community through a variety
of activities including annual conferences, seminars, workshops, papers,
and representation to the media, Government and other interested
Superlist for the defence group of lists.
Superlist for the defence group of mailing lists.
CAFAS discussion list for the education and research community
This list is used by CAFAS to provide a forum for views on defending and
developing academic freedom for the education and research community.

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