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Central Simulation Facility Mailing List
Customer Services Group UK
Customer Services Group UK (CSGUK) is a group that supports library
customer service professionals to develop, collaborate and knowledge share
Centre for the Study of International Slavery announcements
The Centre for the Study of International Slavery (CSIS) is a research partnership
between the University of Liverpool and National Museums Liverpool's International
Slavery Museum. This list is used to make announcements about the Centre's activities
and related events. See www.liv.ac.uk/csis for more information.
Directors of Careers Services at HEIs in the London area
Directors of Careers Services at HEIs in the London area
Need participants for an MSC Information Science dissertation
I am an MSC Information Science student at City, University of London. I am
currently carrying out a research study into the information resources
used by higher education applicants living in London. I was just looking
to disseminate this survey in order to find some participants for the
Claiming the Classical
CTC is an international network considering the use of Greco-Roman
antiquity in contemporary political discourse.
Technology in support of learning and teaching mathematics in HE
The innovative use of technology in supporting the learning and teaching
of mathematics in higher education.
Announcement list for CUBIC academics
This email list is going to be used by the academics of Royal Holloway,
University of London, Roehampton University, University of Surrey and
Brunel University who are associated with MRI at Combined Universities
Brain Imaging Centre
Mailing list for CUK LT
A mailing list for individuals working in the UK Conservatoires as
e-learning/learning technologies professionals
Cultural History
The culthist mailing list is used for conceptual debates in Cultural
History, academic announcements, and related issues.
Cultnet is made up of a group of researchers and lecturers who share an interest in
culture. The group aims to develop research collaborations and publications, to share
teaching material related to culture, and to provide a supportive environment in which
doctoral students and researchers can meet to exchange ideas and support one anotherís
professional development. It primarily includes researchers in the areas of languages,
linguistics, education, and psychology but all with an interest in culture are welcome.
MLA Cultural Diversity Network
An email list to facilitate discussion of the issues surrounding cultural
diversity in museums, libraries and archives.
Cultural Heritage Datasets
A public list for institutions, individuals to discuss cultural heritage
datasets released by Cultural Heritage organisations such as Galleries,
Libraries, Archives, Museums and Archives primarily in the UK but also
anywhere in the world.
ESRC cultural industries seminar list
This list is a communications, dissemination and discussion forum linked
to an ESRC funded seminar series on the cultural industries. It is an
interdisciplinary initiative concerned with concepts, theory and practice
in the field of the cultural industries.
Cultural Memory studies
CM explores the construction, manipulation and transmission of memories.
CM explores the role played by memory in identity formation.
CM explores minority communities, especially work in post-colonial studies.
Material studied includes film, literature, art, oral history,
Cultural Policy Observatory Ireland: an all island research network
Cultural Policy Observatory Ireland: an all island research network is
aimed at growing, connecting and profiling academic research relating to
cultural policy across the island of Ireland. It is a collective venture
which will be of interest to those whose work explores the value, impact
and functions of arts and cultural policies (both implicit and explicit)
on the island of Ireland. www.culturalpolicyireland.org
International Cultural Relations Multidisciplinary Forum
The members of this list share information on and discuss issues related to international
cultural relations across disciplines. Keywords include (but are not limited to): cultural
relations/dialogue, arts/cultural policy, diplomacy, foreign policy, national identity,
cultural/linguistic diversity, globalization, power, hegemony.
Cultural Translation and East Asia
The Cultural Translation and East Asia: Art, Film and Literature mailing
list is to encourage and support the development and maintain of this
aspect of Asian Studies in the UK and beyond.
Cultural Expertise
Cultural Expertise is a platform for members of the legal profession
and experts for interacting on cultural expertise in court and
out-of-court litigation.
Cultural Participation
A group to spark and facilitate discussion on Participation and Engagement
in the Arts and a place for members to share research.

Details of subscribers on this mailing list are being held by Jiscmail and not the University
of Leeds. If you unsubscribe from this mailing list you may continue to receive other
communications from the University. To view the complete policies and terms please visit:
Mailing list for culturalpolicy at leeds - Centre for Cultural Policy
This list is used by Centre for Cultural Policy at the University of Leeds
to support, promote and share rigorous, critical and cutting-edge academic
research and knowledge exchange across the arts and cultural sector and
the wider creative industries.

Details of subscribers on this mailing list are being held by Jiscmail and not the University
of Leeds. If you unsubscribe from this mailing list you may continue to receive other
communications from the University. To view the complete policies and terms please visit:
Cultural Value Project Jisc
This list is designed to provide a platform for academics working on
cultural value and interested in cultural value to communicate, and to
provide announcements on the Cultural Value Project to the research
community. The Cultural Value Project is supported by the Arts and
Humanities Research Council.
Cultures of Surveillance Network
This list serves as a network of and for scholars working in the area of
surveillance studies. We seek to engage with scholars from a range of
multidisciplinary backgrounds, post jobs, events, CFPs and discussion
topics within a shared research area of surveillance, culture and the
twenty first century.
Centre for Urban Research on Austerity
A network for those interested in discussing issues linked to cities,
urbanism, austerity and resistance.
Current Monastic Research
A list for researchers in any aspect of the western monastic tradition from
late antiquity looking forward in time, with the aim of fostering
exchanges across the research community.
Discussion list for customer service practitioners in libraries
This list is used by customer service practitioners to discuss current
issues, share best practice and identify key areas for customer service
Discussing the Cuts
L3 V1 V9 L10 L9
A list for staff and students at the University of Warwick and elsewhere to
share information on issues
and events around the current cuts to higher education.
Computer vision for book and art history
Discussion list on computer vision for book and art history.
Colour and vision research in the UK.
A UK branch of the worldwide CVNET list, for people in colour and vision
research in the UK.
Creativeworks London - Research
Mailing list for research in the Creativeworks London AHRC Knowledge
Exchange Hub.
Interdisciplinary academic study of Cyber Society
The Cyber-Society-Live mailing list is a moderated discussion list for
those who are interested in the interdisciplinary and academic study of
Cyber Society in all its manifestations.
Cybercrimes discussion list
The purpose of this list is to provide a forum which will: a) identify
a network of academics who are interested in discussing the issue(s)
of cybercrime, b) it will also engender discussion on the subject.
E16 N2 T2 T3 X3
Discuss and research futures for further and higher education in the
Information Age;
'deschooling' emancipate academics and students; University-independent academic
'communities of practice'; Free and open-source IT and software.
Innovative e-learning
including Reusable Learning Objects and 'serious games'; Establishing and maintaining
academic standards in decentralised elearning.
cybertheatres - networked & technological performance
Cybertheatres is a list devoted to the discussion and exchange on networked
performance practices and visions, that is, performances that employ the
Internet and / or other networking technologies and techniques as media,
but also as hybrid spaces - cybernetic stages. other than networked
performance, the list has also an interest in diverse hybrids between
theatre / performance and technology.
Cycling and Society Research Group discussion list
This is the discussion and information list of the Cycling and Society
Research Group - a cross-disciplinary and multi-institutional group of
researchers concerned with cycling and bicycles from a broad range of
intellectual perspectives.
Information sharing for Fusion programme lead bodies
The Fusion programme is aimed at increasing access to cultural
participation for people experiencing disadvantage in Wales. This list
will enable greater communication between them allowing best practice to
be shared. Subscribers will include museum and arts learning
Athena SWAN for Computer Science
A network of support and information for academics and professional staff
with an interest in or responsibility for Athena SWAN activities (i.e.
gender equality, diversity and inclusion) in computer science and related
Death & Culture Network
The Death and Culture Network (DaCNet) seeks to explore and understand
cultural responses to mortality. It focuses on the impact of death and the
dead on culture, and the way in which they have shaped human behaviour.
The network is committed to promoting an inter-disciplinary study of
Dyslexic Academic Forum
A support, advocacy, information and policy development forum for
researchers and lecturers with dyslexia in Higher Education.

This will be the first ever opportunity for dyslexic academics to work together
in identifying the challenges they face, ways of overcoming barriers and
to re-address the deficit model of dyslexia.

Our members come from every region of the UK and all academic ranks are
represented from Dean and Professor to Visiting Lecturer. Our members so
far are drawn from 30 academic disciplines across the Arts, Sciences,
Social Sciences and the Humanities.
Dance in higher education.
For SCODHE members to discuss the national picture in terms of dance in
higher education.
Dance HE Full Members
Closed list for UK Dance Department members who have paid current
membership fees.
Dark/thanatourism research forum
This list is used by academics and other interested individuals involved
in the study of dark / thanatourism.
DarkSide UK collaboration mailing list
This list is used to coordinate UK activities on the DarkSide direct dark
matter detection experiment.
Digital Arts Histories
Announcement list for digital and electronic arts histories
Data Sharing for Health - Inovation Group
We are a community of stakeholders in health/medical data sharing -
comprising those interested in creating solutions to the ethical, legal,
social, governance and technical issues within this domain.
data.ac.uk community discussion
Community discussion, planning and management for data.ac.uk.
Data Forum
An e-mail group to support the RSC London data forum meetings. The
intention of these meetings is to develop a strategic approach to the
management of data in post 16 education providers by sharing good practice
and evaluating theoretical data management models. The group is open to
education staff across the UK.
Data Futures
HESA's Data Futures programme will transform the data collection process
for the UK higher education sector. This list will be used to provide
updates on the project.
This list is for those interested in Data Protection issues
Default- Options= Review

This list is for those interested in Data Protection issues.
Research data publication: announcements and discussion
This list is used to make announcements and promote discussion to Higher
Education and the international research community about research data

Topics include technical and scientific peer review, trusted repository
accreditation and the challenges for researchers, institutions, funders
and publishers.

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