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Computing at University of Worcester announcements
This list is used to make announcements of events and seminars that may be
of interest to Computing professionals and academics within the Hereford
and Worcester region.
Discussion group for child psychologists
Discussion group for psychologists associated with the clinical work and
research of the Conatus child psychology practice; opportunities for
members to exchange ideas, expertise and opinion concerning current topics
in child psychology
Confidentiality, Privacy and Disclosure
This research has many facets, ranging from ethics to mathematics, from
social to computer science, and therefore requires an eclectic mix of expertise.

This list has been set up so that confidentiality and privacy researchers
can discuss issues arising from their research and so those for whom
confidentiality impacts on their research can join discussion on what is
for them an enabling rather than a focal topic.

Confidentiality and Privacy is a burgeoning cross-disciplinary research
Conflict and Disaster
This list explores the relationships between conflict and disaster; two
terms which are often viewed, studied and practised in isolation. The need
for the list is based on the notion that the separation of the two is
detrimental to disaster risk reduction and response, and to conflict
prevention, management and resolution. We invite discussion and knowledge
sharing around the following initial areas:
Theory, scholarly work, and grey literature/evidence in conflict and disaster
policy and practice (where conflict and disaster are either combined or
Theoretical debates around disaster and conflict;
The relevance or otherwise of combining disaster and conflict in policy and
Case studies of people living in conflict plus disaster vulnerable countries and
The addition of cross cutting topics such as gender, race/ethnicity, and others
as they emerge in discussion.
We hope the list will provide the space for the development of a
conflict+disaster community of interest and practice.
Connected Histories, Connected Sociologies
This list enables communication between scholars interested in the themes
of the ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council)
supported network on Connected Histories/Connected Sociologies: Rethinking the
Spiritual and ethical considerations in heritage conservation
This list will be used by conservators to consider spiritual and ethical
considerations when conserving diverse cultural artefacts buildings
and interiors
Conservation of objects, works of art & buildings
This list will enable discussion amongst those engaged or interested in
research into the conservation of objects, works of art or buildings,
encouraging the sharing of ideas and experiences, and the exchange of
views on the development of national & international conservation research
Communication forum relating to construction law
The list is intended to create a community of interest and provide
information for those who teach, write, practise and research in
construction law
IDEA CETL Consultancy and Training Advisory Group
This group is to help many professionals and academics inside and outside
the University to communicate effectively between meetings. The advice we
recieve will improve our work.
For developers/evaluators of computerised info for patients/public.
This list is for those who are developing or evaluating new computer-based
methods for the direct use of patients and the public. This includes
patient education, information about services and other sources of help,
and computer-patient interviewing.
Contaminated Land Management Discussion List
The list serves those members of the academic and practitioner
community who are involved in the implementation of Part 2A of
the Environmental Protection Act 1990 - the 'Contaminated Land
Regime' and in ensuring new development is safe - in terms of the relevant planning framework.
Discussion List for Contemporary and Historical Archaeology
For the circulation of information related to, and general discussion of
current issues in, theory and practice in contemporary archaeology and
historical archaeology in the UK and internationally. This list will be
used by the Standing Committee of the Contemporary and Historical
Archaeology in Theory (CHAT) conference group to to announce relevant
items of news or information.
Contemporary Collecting Group
This list is for people working on contemporary collecting in museums,
galleries, libraries and archives to discuss their work.
Dissemination of information regarding continuing education
This list is for the exchange and dissemination of information regarding
the provision of continuing education in the HE sector. It is anticipated
that all areas of ce will be covered, including credit-bearing and
non-credit-bearing LAE, CVET, CPD and administration.
Contract research staff within the academic community
List for discussion of all issues relating to the employment and career
management ofcontract research staff within the academic community, for
the sharing of relevant experience, and for information exchange on local
and national responses to the Concordat/RCI.
Contract Cheating Special Interest Group
E10 N2 T2
Contract cheating is a form of academic dishonesty, where students have
work completed on
their behalf which they submit for academic credit.

This list allows researchers and practioners to come together to discuss this
form of
cheating and the solutions available for it.
Mailing list for users of COOT Crystallographic Software
This list is for users and developers of COOT
(Crystallographic Obeject-Oriented Tool-kit)
to discuss the use and further development of COOT.
Co-Producing Museums
A peer-support group for anyone interested in co-producing museum content
with communities
The Committee of Professors of Statistics
The Committee of Professors of Statistics is a forum for debate among U.K.
academic Statistics groups. It publishes a Directory of Academic
Statisticians and information on postgraduate study and research. The list
is to facilitate communication between members of the committee.
Copyright + Humanities
A listserv for scholars working in the arts and humanities who have
research interests in copyright and its history
Corporate Collections Network
This list is used by the Corporate Collections Network to promote Best
tice for Museum professionals using and promoting collections in a corporat=
e environment.
Discussion list for corpus stylistics
This list is for discussion of research and announcement of events in the
emerging field of corpus stylistics - the use of language corpora in the
analysis of the language of literature.
Mailing list for Corpus in CALL interest group
This list is used to discuss issues relating to the use of corpus
resources, tools and methodologies in CALL.
Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage - COSCH
Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage (www.COSCH.info) promotes research,
development and application of non-contact optical measurement techniques
(spectral and spatial) adapted to the needs of heritage documentation. COSCH is
supported by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) from 2012 to
CoSector Moodle User Group

The CoSector Moodle User Group will exist in order to represent CoSector's
customers strategic, technical and operational interests with respect to the CoSector's
Hosted Moodle service.

The group will share good practice amongst the user community, consider and
influence future development of the CoSector's service offering, including:

* product & service improvements,
* new product development,
* joint (cross-institutional) development projects,
* identify user requirements in light of legal, government and operational changes
within the UK education sector.
Customers of SirsiDynix International (EMEA) User Group discussion list
A closed list for users of the Customers of SirsiDynix International
(EMEA) library management systems, primarily those based in the
UK and the rest of Europe.
'Cost of Living' Newsletter
News letter for The '&
128;˜Cost of Living'&
128;™. A blog for all people interested in the politics, economics and sociology
of health and health care.
New Speakers COST Network
The mailing list is for members of the EU COST funded network New Speakers
in a Multilingual Europe
Lecturing in counselling and psychotherapy in HE in the UK
A forum for lecturers, teachers and trainers working in counselling and
psychotherapy teaching / training in Higher Education in the UK, to share
information, practice, ideas relating to the teaching and management of
counselling and psychotherapy programmes.
Scottish Counselling Service Administrators
This list provides a forum for counselling service administrators working
in HE in Scotland to share best practice, training and more
Counselling, Therapy and Research Discussion List
A list for the discussion and contributions to field of counselling,
therapy and research within HE in UK.
Management of course data using Capita UNITe
E1 E16 I1 I9 ZB
This list is to support those instituitions who are users of CAPITA UNITe
and who are
participating in the JISC Course Data Management Stage 2 Project. It is anticipated the
list will be used to share information and best practice and to generally
inform the
development of user projects.
Announcement list for JISC Course Data Management Projects
This list is used by the JISC to communicate with Course Data Management
COVID-END Community
This listserv will be used to connect a community of individuals and
organisations interested in supporting the use of reliable evidence
synthesis in the response to COVID-19.
CREST Open Workshop
The CREST Open Workshop programme consist of a series of informal monthly
workshops organised by the CREST Centre (Centre for Research on Evolution Search &
Testing). Details on the CREST Open Workshop Website at: http://crest.cs.ucl.ac.uk/cow
Cozone announcements and discussion
Announcement and discussion list for COZONE - the combined forum of the
Beach Processes network, the Coastal Structures network and the Coastal
Waters network.
Cognitive Psychology UK mailing list
Cognitive Psychology UK is a list created to bring together people
interested in cognition research. The list will post details of
conferences, jobs available, test and experiment resources and allow
members to raise and discuss their individual interests.
Centre for Philosophy and Critical Thought (CPCT), Goldsmiths U of London
This list is used by the Centre for Philosophy and Critical Thought (CPCT)
to make announcements about CPCT events and projects at Goldsmiths, University of London.

The Centre for Philosophy and Critical Thought (CPCT) is a new centre for philosophical inquiry at
Goldsmiths. Its work draws on those traditions which view the practices of critique and criticism
as central to the definition of philosophy, and which consider reflection on philosophy's complex
relationships with other disciplines and forms of thought as constitutive of philosophical
activity itself. The centre aims to create a space for rigorous intellectual dialogue and
production which aligns with a trans-disciplinary orientation of philosophy, challenging rigid
divisions between analytic and Continental, the contemporary and the historical, the theoretical
and the practical, while emphasizing historically marginalised areas of investigation.

For more information, please visit: http://www.gold.ac.uk/sociology/research-centres/cpct/about/
cpd25 News and Events Updates
This cpd25 Jisc list will update M25 members and other interested parties on
forthcoming events, visits and cpd25 news.
Colonial-Postcolonial-Decolonial BISA working group
CPD is a working group within the British International
Studies Association. Its remit is to study the "colonial question" in
international relations.
Continuing Professional Development(CPD) Forum Network
The CPD Forum is a specialist group for those in higher education
institutions involved in the development, delivery and marketing of
continuing professional development, executive education and short
courses. It provides a platform and opportunity to sharing best practices.
CPERI (Changing Political Economy of Research & Innovation)
This list aims to keep all scholars of Science & Technology Studies and
Political Economy interested in the conjunction of these disciplines
updated with the plans and organization for the annual CPERI workshop.
Carries Computer Science conference announcements and calls for papers
Carries Computer Science conference announcements and calls for papers.
Job adverts, from research studentships to Chairs, in computer science
Carries job adverts, from research studentships to Chairs. Mainly
comprises academics, with occasional membership of overseas and home
industrial people.
K7 K4 K3
Transport Statistics Users Group at City and Regional Planning (CPLAN),
Cardiff University
Centre for Performance Philosophy
This list is for academics and researchers interested in being informed
about the activities of the Centre for Performance Philosophy - a research
centre at the University of Surrey.
Craft based design education list
A discussion forum and information exchange for academics, practitioners
and students in contemporary crafts and the applied arts. New
perspectives in craft based design education and research are encouraged.
List intended for the use of HE administrators to discuss issues relating
to the Disclosure and Barring Service, staffing and student procedural issues.
Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD) Public Health Service Research Network
This list is used by CRD to co-ordinate Public Health Service research
Creative Arts in Health
Creative Arts in Health as an aid to recovery is building a research
evidence base following the UK Government report in 2017 which is actively
promoting the use of the arts in health and wellbeing.

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