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Comparative Employment Research Collaborative Network
This list is used to make announcements relating to CERCNet (Comparative
Employment Research Collaborative Network) activities, or pertaining to
internationally comparative research on work, employment and labour
management in general.
Service Announcement List for the Jisc Certificate Service
A list for important service announcements.


CETIS Accessibility Mailing List
The Jisc Cetis Accessibility mailing list was used to support the Cetis Accessibility
Special Interest Group from 2001-2011. It is now used as a forum for discussions
about the accessibility of online resources and services.
CETIS Metadata
For members of the HE/FE community who wish to discuss issues relating to metadata
learning resources
A list for people wanting to subscribe to Cetis news
A list to keep up to date with Cetis news and comment, via the monthly
Cetis newsletter.
CETIS Pedagogy Forum Mailing List

***This list has been retained 17/02/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can
post to this list– contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list***

The cetis pedagogy forum mailing list was used to support the Cetis Pedagogy
Forum. The
list was active from 2003 to 2012.
e-portfolio practitioners and developers
sublist of cetis-announce

A mailing list to support the CETIS Portfolio SIG, which seeks to
develop the community and foster consensus in the area of
definitions, specifications and standards for learner services
including personal development planning (PDP) and e-portfolio.
We clearly recognise that this goal needs involvement both from
practitioners in the field, and from developers and technical staff
who have responsibility for designing and building systems.
We aim to promote dialogue within and between groups of stakeholders,
aiming at workable consensus on definitions, specifications and standards,
while fully acknowledging the desirability of diversity in PDP and other practice.
Any technical terms used on this list should be explained.
e-portfolio specification development
sublist of cetis-announce

Discussion list for developers working towards interoperability and
portability of e-portfolio and personal development records,
in the UK and wider contexts; moving beyond UKLeaP
towards practical standards based on real experience.
Some technical knowledge may be assumed.
JISC CETIS Assessment SIG Discussion List
This list is for the JISC CETIS Assessment Special Interest Group to discuss
issues about the interoperability of CAA and the current
(developing) specifications in this area such as IMS QTI.
List for collaboration between CETLs

***This list has been retained 10/05/2017 no one can subscribe to this list
and no one can post to this list - contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for
all enquiries regarding this list***

A list to facilitate collaboration and networking between CETLs
(Centres for Excellence in Teaching & Learning)
CETL Student Network

***This list has been retained 10/05/2017 no one can subscribe to this list
and no one can post to this list - contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk
for all enquiries regarding this list***

A list for Students working with and supported by the CETL Centres
of Excellence in Teaching Learning community
Campaign for the Public University discussion

***This list has been retained 05/04/2016 no one can subscribe to this list and no one
can post to this list – contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list***

A list set up to discuss how best to maintain the Universities as a public
good. This list will be used to help provide a place where ideas can be discussed and
information shared so that we can best endeavour ro facilitate networks and organisations
so as to maximise the overall success of the members.
Announcement list for CGAMS

E4 E9 E1 I1 P2

***This list has been retained 06/05/2015 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can
post to this list– contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list***

This list is used to co-ordinate dissemination of information pertaining to
the proposal for a Common Global Access Management System.
CGAT Announcements
List for everyone involved with or interested in the CGAT project.
CGAT Contact List
A list to allow people to contact the CGAT project administrators.
cGENIE Discussion List
F4 C7 C9
A discussion list for global carbon and biogeochemical cycling
and thoughts with respect to the cGENIE Earth system model.
Centre for Gender Studies, University of Winchester
The Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Winchester was launched
in June 2011. Since then it has generated much interest from academics,
research students and non-academic user groups alike.

As an interdisciplinary centre, the CGS aims to encourage and develop diverse
understanding concerning the social category of gender as well as its
intersection with other social categories such as age, class, ethnicity,
nationality, race, religion and sexuality. This diversity of understanding
is evidenced in its annual research seminar series, open to the public,
which hosts prominent figures in the field and showcases recent advances
in gender studies.

The Centre seeks to foster links, both nationally and internationally, through
encouraging collaborative projects. Likewise, we are interested in hearing
from prospective research students.
Centre for Gender and Women's Studies mailing list
This list is for the distribution of information about the activities of
the Centre for Gender and Women's Studies to its members. It also provides
a forum for debate and the exchange of ideas about areas of mutual
interest between CGWS members.
Challenge It - teaching materials for challenging homophobic bullying
The mailing list is for a working group on a project called Challenging
Homophobia and Homophobic Bullying through Children's Literature - the
core aim of which is to help create more inclusive school environments.
The project looks towards using children's literature as a key resource for challenging
homophobic bullying and homophobic behaviour, language and stereotypes.
Discussion list for working with challenging histories in museums
Discussion list on the topic of working with challenging, contested and
histories in museums and heritage sites, linked to the Challenging History Network.
A network for chaplains, educationalists and researchers
A network for chaplains, educationalists and researchers to share
information on education, training and research requirements and provision.
a resource for practitioners and researchers to share current developments
To enable researhers to net work and keep the conversation alive
OfS alerts on its role as principal regulator of HEIs as charities
Used by the Office for Students to communicate
about charity regulation in the English HE
sector. It is not a discussion list.
Chart: computers and the history of art
Chart is the discussion list of CHArt, the Computers and History of Art
group. It provides an open forum for queries and debating issues related
to the use of Computers for art historical research and scholarship.
Chinese Society of Chemical Science and Technology,UK
Discussion list for the Chinese Society of Chemical Science and
Technology, UK. Its members are mainly UK university students and staff
who are Chinese, from China, or speak Chinese. Topics will include
chemistry, chemical engineering and related subjects.
Chemistry education in UKHE
A discussion list concerned with all educational aspects, set up for UK
academics involved in teaching chemistry, particularly at the higher
education level. Sublist of physsci-education
Chemistry working group for the FAAM BAe 146 Large Atmospheric Research Aircraft
An e-mail list to discuss and organize meeting for the Chemistry Working
Group for the FAAM BAe146
Chemical Concept Inventory Team
Description: Variety 2013 indicated that there was considerable interest in
the use of chemical concept inventories to quantitatively assess the
impact of teaching innovations. This list aims to keep and grow that
The Co-operative Higher Education Network
The Co-operative Higher Education Network (CHEN) is a general purpose
mailing list with a focus on co-operated higher education in the broadest
sense. It is open to anyone who wishes to talk and network around
co-operative higher education. This is an informal space where ideas,
themes, proposals and solutions can be generated and discussed. Moderation
will be kept to a minimum. CHEN members may wish to organised events and
other activities.

T2 E1 T1 ZA U5

***This list has been retained 14/08/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can
post to this list– contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list***

The emerging community for sharing HE educational resources exchange.
Discussion list for CHESS
This list is for a wider group of people involved in CHESS (Consortium of
Higher Education Support Services for Deaf Students) - wider than the
planning group
The CHEST/HarperCollins Special Offer Mailing List

***This list has been retained 28/07/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can
post to this list– contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list***

The CHEST/HarperCollins Special Offer mailing list for discussion between
institutions licensed via CHEST for HarperCollins products.
For technical discussion on issues related to the SPSS products
SPSS is a suite of statistical software, made available to the HE
Community under a CHEST Agreement. The list is a forum for technical
discussion on issues related to the SPSS products, and should not be used
to report problems as it will not necessarily be read by CHEST.
Public information about the CHI MED project
A8 A9 E1 E9 G5
This list is for the Research Council funded programme grant "CHI+MED" (EP/G059063). It
is used to provide information to those outside the project interested in the
project and
its findings.
Announcement list for C and A EMDR Jisc
This list connects up researchers and practitioners in order to explore the
conceptual development and empirical evidence for using Eye Movement
Desensitization with Children and Adolescents
International network to support child health practitioners
For discussion of matters relating to the establishment of an
international network to support child health practitioners. This list
is being established as part of a feasibility study. All interested
parties are urged to join. Members from developing countries are
particularly welcome.
Forum for Specialist Registrars in Child Psychiatry in the UK

***This list has been retained 28/07/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can
post to this list– contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list***

Forum for Specialist Registrars in Child Psychiatry in the UK.
The aim of this list is to promote the discussion of training, clinical,
research and professional issues amongst Specialist Registrars
in Child Psychiatry.
child-youth-environments discussion list
child-youth-environments provides a forum for discussion on the social and
material environments of young people. It brings together researchers and
practictioners on issues of relevance to the lives of children and youth
both in contemporary society and in historical context.
Childhood and Youth Studies Network email list
This lists connects postgraduate, early career, and established researchers
from across schools and departments at the University of Edinburgh, as
well as with interested local government and voluntary organisations. The
broad point of connection is an interest in the study of children and
young people's lives.
Academic Network on Child Labour and Health

***This list has been retained 25/11/2013 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can
post to this list– contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list***

The list comprises academics mainly UK from various disciplines with
interests in research and teaching on hazardous child labour and health.
The Children's Folklore Mailing List
The children's folklore mailing list is intended to foster discussion and
exchange of information relating to children's traditional culture,
including their oral culture(lore and language), self-directed play and
games, customary practices and material traditions.
Community of Practice for the Study of Child Maltreatment Deaths
This community of practice is designed to support researchers, policy
makers and practitioners to collaborate internationally in the study of
child maltreatment fatalities through research and child death review.

The group is open to anyone with an appropriate interest in the study child
maltreatment deaths, and how this learning can improve the systems and
processes for keeping children safe.
Children's and Young People's Participation Learning Network
This Network provides a space for critical learning, dialogue and exchange
between practitioners, academics, policy makers and children and young
people to innovate thinking and practice concerning children's
Child poverty discussion list
This list is an open discussion forum for those interested in research and
policy relating to child poverty.
Academic discussion of all aspects of children's literature
The UK list for academic discussion of all aspects of children's
Children-Media-UK mailing list
Children-Media-UK aims to provide a space in which academics, regulators
and those working in the media industries can engage in critical debate
about children and all forms of media (e.g. TV, video, film, computers,
Child Studies List for Early Years Courses
This list is used by the child studies and early years courses to share
information and resources and support the child studies network.
Child Welfare Inequalities
This list links researchers, practitioners, managers, policy makers, educators and others
who have an interest in child welfare services as a site of unjust and avoidable social
inequalities: the Child Welfare Inequalities Network.

The purposes of the Network are:
to exchange information about developments in this field, and
to discuss issues of policy, practice, methodology, evidence and theory.
In time this may lead to joint research, joint authorship and joint action.

For more information contact P.Bywaters@coventry.ac.uk or G.Brady@coventry.ac.uk
UK Health Informatics R&D intelligence
The list will allow members to post information, intelligence and advice
about Health Informatics Research and Development proposal, projects and
CHME - Council for Hospitality Management Education
Email list for the Council of Hospitality Management Education.

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