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UK Cloud Computing Special Interest Group
The UK Cloud Computing Special Interest Group (Cloud SIG), is a group of
active users, developers, researchers and providers doing interesting
things in cloud computing who come together to identify and solve key
issues in the adoption and use of clouds.
A list for the discussion of CLS birth cohort studies
CLS use this list to provide updates on cohort study workshops and events,
enhancements and additions to the data, and to promote discussions among
researchers and policy makers. It covers the National Child Development
Study, the 1970 British Cohort Study and the Millennium Cohort Study.
Discussion list for Community Music in Higher Education
This is used to discuss issues of interest and concern in relation to the
learning, teaching and assessment of community music in higher education.
A Closed list for CMALT holders
A closed list for Learning Technologists who are Certified Members of ALT
computer mediated communication:
computer mediated communication: discussion will be based on analysing
emerging styles of communications especially via media such as email,
video conferencing, and comparing with traditional communications.
Welcome to the mailing list of the EUROCALL Special Interest Group (SIG) in
Computer Mediated Communication (CMC). We would like to use this space to
create opportunities for members to share information regarding interests,
projects and practices.
Creative Methods in Gender, Sex and Relating
CMGS&R exists to inform academics, practitioners, students and researchers
about the use and practice of creative methods for research on gender, sex
and relating. Creative methods allow us to tap into new and different
experiences that go beyond words. The list communicates this kind of
research. It also acts as an inclusive and dedicated space to promote
creative methods in gender, sex and relating through publications and
Contemporary Music Research
CMR-announce is an email news list maintained by the Contemporary Music
Research Unit at Goldsmiths, University of London (www.gold.ac.uk/cmru).
The list is used for general announcements relating to the composition,
performance, and aesthetics of contemporary music. To post a message to
this mailing list for distribution to other members, please email it to
To unsubscribe click: https://WWW.JISCMAIL.AC.UK/cgi-bin/webadmin?SUBED1=CMR-ANNOUNCE&A=1
Announcement list for the Centre for Research on Migration, Refugees and Belonging
This is a list for academics, students, faith organisations and activists
working in the field of migration, refugees and the politics of belonging.
Centre for Music Technology, Glasgow
- to undertake fundamental, strategic and applied research;
- to provide education through the development of learning in a research
- to sustain and add value to the community at large and to the national

The aim of the centre is to provide a framework in support of a rich
interaction between artists, engineers and scientists, university
external and internal organizations and individuals, in order to
collaborate on activities within music technology. To reflect within this
area the mission of the university aiming as a research-led centre of
exellence with the following aims:
Computing and Networking Advisory Panel for UK Particle Physics

***This list has been retained 29/07/2014 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can
post to this list– contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list***

Computing and Networking Advisory Panel for UK Particle Physics mailng list.
Coal Mining Collections Group
V1 K1 K2 L6 V6
Coal Mining Collections Group focuses on the history of coal mining,
artefacts thereof and the impact of coal mining on communities
and the environment within the United Kingdom over the past 250
RGS Coastal and Marine Research Group
A mailing list for members of the RGS-IBG Coastal and Marine Research Group
or those interested in their work.
How should decisions about heritage be made - Co-design project
A discussion list to link in with a new AHRC Co-Design Development project
'How should decisions about heritage be made?'
Coffee science discussion
This is a TEST LIST created by JiscMail and is not a real JiscMail list.
List to discuss use coffee and other beverages in HE and FE
Cognitive science of religion list
The cog-sci-rel-l mailing list serves the interdisciplinary community of
scholars researching the cognitive science of religion.
Cogntion and Information Technology Research Centre
The COGNIT mailing list was used for the discussion and distribution of
information to researchers interested in inter-disciplinary research in
the areas of Cognitive Science and Information Technology in the
Bristol and Bath area.

The list was closed in 2015 due to a lack of recent activity but old
posts are still available on this website.
Cognitive Classics list
This list is primarily for Classicists interested in the interaction of
cognitive science with classical material, but it is also intended to be a
place for interdisciplinary connection with those in e.g. cognitive
humanities, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience. It is primarily a forum
for the dissemination of relevant information on conferences, seminars,
publications, research projects, etc.
Collab Networking and Comms
Network Group for the Directors of Marketing & Communications in the Collab
Group of Colleges in the UK.
Announcement list for ESRC collaborative housing seminar series
The seminars and associated announcement list draws attention to the way
that collaborative and congregated housing can play a fundamental role in
carbon reduction behaviour, green technology adoption, and community
resilience. Moreover, we stress the need to conceptualise resilience not
only in terms of physical engineering to mitigate or withstand hazards and
shocks, but also as social organisational capacities that facilitate
affordable access, social cohesion and mutual support across diverse
demographic groups. For instance, the cohousing model draws attention to
the co-constitution of shared space, collective self-governance and the
sense of trust and belonging that accumulates over time through shared
meals and collective endeavour. The cohousing approach is collaborative in
that it actively embeds self-managed governance structures in the life of
the community in a deliberate attempt to increase purposeful interaction
between resident members to improve overall quality of life.
Discussion list for Conservators and Collection Carers in Wales
The aim of this list is to be a channel for discussion and information
sharing for students, researchers, professional conservators and
collection managers, and para-professionals caring for collections in
museums, archives, libraries and historic buildings in Wales.
Glasgow Colour Studies group
This is a group for the multidisciplinary study and discussion of colour.
It includes linguists, psychologists, geographers, opthamologists and more.
The Group is open to anyone with an interest in colour, but it is intended to
be an academic and research forum.
Council for Learning Resources in Colleges
To be used by CoLRiC members as a forum for exchanging information and advice and by
CoLRiC to inform members of CoLRiC news, publications and events
SMERC Network: Culture of learning together in the workplace
COLT aims to bring together researchers interested in effective workplace
learning cultures including priority topics such as teamwork,
professionalism, interprofessionalism, leadership, and communication
Mailing list for the Combined, Joint and Flexible Honours network
U1 T2 U2
The Combined, Joint and Flexible Honours Network is a forum for managers,
leaders, administrators and other staff involved in the delivery of multi-subject
programmes in UK universities.
Commodity Histories
A list for circulating news and information about the history of
Commonwealth Legal Education Association
The CLEA fosters and promotes high standards of legal education in the Commonwealth.
Founded in 1971, it is a Commonwealth-wide body with regional Chapters and Committees in
South Asia, Southern Africa, West Africa, the Caribbean and the UK. This email
distribution list is closed so that only the authorized CLEA list owners can post to the
list with regular updates relating to the conference, moot, other events, newsletters and
journal alerts.
Building Strong Communities Research Network
Practitioner,academic, community member research and knowledge exchange
The Community Health Workers List
The forum currently comprises an e-mail list
(COMMUNITY-HEALTH@JISCMAIL.AC.UK), a videoconferencing and Instant
Message facility, and this website. There are currently approaching
10 members.

The forum is for the public, international exchange of theory, experience,
research and practice of community health. It is also for networking,
sharing information and offering solidarity, support and challenge. It is
largely unstructured. Discourses around particular themes will be
published on the list's website.

Welcome to the Community Health Workers' Internet Forum, an online group
for Health Visitors, District Nurses and Support Nurses with an interest
or involvement in the practice, research, development or theory of
Community Health.
Community Land and Asset Ownership Discussion Forum
The list provides a forum for discussion and debate between academics
studying forms of
community asset and land ownership. This is a growing area of public policy and the
is aimed at academics engaged with community ownership and control of public
housing, community facilities and cooperatives.
Community Campus
Community Campus is a virtual campus that embraces diversity and
Voluntary / Third Sector Organisations. It is a place where
information about research, evaluation and continuing professional
development in the voluntary sector can be exchanged.
UK Community Partner Network
Community partners need infrastructure support to create enduring
community-university partnerships for the future. Harnessing their
collective experience, crafting opportunities to share best practice and
making links that help to address community issues are the basis for
building a network.
The UK Community Psychology Discussion List
The Community Psychology Discussion List is used for discussion and
dissemination between UK based community psychologists.
Fortran 90 List
This list covers all aspects of Fortran 90, 95, 2003, 2008, 2018
and various parallel Fortran dialects. The emphasis should be on the *new*
features of Fortran 90.
It welcomes contributions from people who write Fortran 90 applications,
teach it in courses, want to port programs and use it on (super) computers.
Comparative European Politics PSA Specialist Group
The Comparative European Politics PSA Specialist group brings together
country experts and comparativists who are interested in European
politics. We seek to apply and further the theory and methods of
comparative analysis, and to contribute to empirical knowledge about
European politics. Our research includes a wide range of topics including
security or development policy, the welfare state and party politics,
regional comparisons such as Central and East European politics, as well
as European influences on the politics, policies and polities of European
Comparative Literature
Comparative-literature intends to provide a forum for all who are
interested in the study of literature without confinement to national or
linguistic boundaries, and in relation to other disciplines. It will
advertise the activities of the British Comparative Literature Association
Special education systems & policies
1.furthering research into international comparative studies of special
education systems & policies, 2.developing a data base for such studies,
3.disseminating such studies by means of information technology,
4.facilitating critical analysis of special education systems & policies.
Credit-bearing compassion on the university curriculum
This list is for teaching and curriculum development practitioners in
Higher Education who have an interest in embedding and assessing
compassion into the degree programmes they design and/or teach on.
Compassionate Communities
T3 X8 A1 A9
This list is used by people interested in promoting the idea of
compassionate communities which support and raise awareness of palliative care
and end of life issues.

By adopting a public health approach to death and dying, we would like to explore
the possibility of creating positive community developments within which death,
dying and bereavement can be seen as normal.
Complement system of plasma proteins

***This list has been retained 21/08/15.
No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list.
contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list***
List for discussion of all aspects of the complement system of plasma
proteins, which are a major part of the humoral immune defence system.
List is intended to provide exchange of research techniques, experience,
reagents, ideas, job and funding opportunities at national and
international levels.
Discussion list for Complex Structures Science & Heritage Research Cluster
This list is to help participants in the research cluster 'understanding
complex structures (etc.)' communicate between the three cluster workshops -
to share news and ideas for further collaborations.
Complexity Science in the Real World News
G5 L9 X8 U3 H9

A mailing list to share information across projects funded by the Engineering and Physical
Sciences Research Council Complexity Science in the Real World programme. This links
across five Universities. List members are either working on the projects, relevant
research elsewhere or represent the funding bodies (e.g EPSRC) and relevant stakeholders,
especially policy makers.

This list is run by the Complexity Science in the Real World Network which has been funded
by the EPSRC to facilitate information sharing across the network, supporting its aims to
create a cohesive research community and influence policy development.

The Complexity Science in the Real World Network website http://www.csrw.ac.uk/ has news
pages with regular updates.
Complexity & Planning
This list supports communication between scholars exploring the complex
nature of cities and the complex nature of urban planning. It is linked to
the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) thematic group
on complexity.
Complexity and chaos theories applied to primary medical and social care
Complexity and chaos theories applied to primary medical and social care
- a list for researchers and other interested parties.
Keywords: complexity, chaos, primary care
Complicity is a longstanding feature of everyday moral experience, this
list focuses on practical and theoretical examinations of complicity,
including discussion, CFP and research news.
Composite Materials and Structures Engineering
The focus of this list is fibre-reinforced composite materials and
structures in the engineering environment. Sublist of ENGINEERING-ALL
Computer-assisted assessment
The computer-assisted assessment list discusses all aspects of the use of
computers to assess student learning. This includes computer and web
based assessment, the use of optical mark and character readers and the
wider use of technology to support the assessment process.
Sharing ideas and practice in CAL.
This list is established to share ideas and practice in CAL. It is open
to anyone using computer-based learning resources, and anyone researching
or supporting the use of such learning resources. The list does not
specialiase in any particular platform or software solution, but seeks to
share innovation in the theory and practice of CAL in education.
Social and ethical impacts of information and communication technologies
This list is for scholars working on the social and ethical impacts of
information and communication technologies. It promotes an
interdisciplinary approach to the subject and can be used for discussion,
call for participation and announcements.
Discussion among heads of Computer Support for Computer Science
For use by heads/managers of computer support groups in computer science
departments/schools to discuss policies, software, hardware, staffing.

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