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Public information about the CHI MED project
A8 A9 E1 E9 G5
This list is for the Research Council funded programme grant "CHI+MED" (EP/G059063). It
is used to provide information to those outside the project interested in the
project and
its findings.
Announcement list for C and A EMDR Jisc
This list connects up researchers and practitioners in order to explore the
conceptual development and empirical evidence for using Eye Movement
Desensitization with Children and Adolescents
International network to support child health practitioners
For discussion of matters relating to the establishment of an
international network to support child health practitioners. This list
is being established as part of a feasibility study. All interested
parties are urged to join. Members from developing countries are
particularly welcome.
child-youth-environments discussion list
child-youth-environments provides a forum for discussion on the social and
material environments of young people. It brings together researchers and
practictioners on issues of relevance to the lives of children and youth
both in contemporary society and in historical context.
Childhood and Youth Studies Network email list
This lists connects postgraduate, early career, and established researchers
from across schools and departments at the University of Edinburgh, as
well as with interested local government and voluntary organisations. The
broad point of connection is an interest in the study of children and
young people's lives.
The Children's Folklore Mailing List
The children's folklore mailing list is intended to foster discussion and
exchange of information relating to children's traditional culture,
including their oral culture(lore and language), self-directed play and
games, customary practices and material traditions.
Community of Practice for the Study of Child Maltreatment Deaths
This community of practice is designed to support researchers, policy
makers and practitioners to collaborate internationally in the study of
child maltreatment fatalities through research and child death review.

The group is open to anyone with an appropriate interest in the study child
maltreatment deaths, and how this learning can improve the systems and
processes for keeping children safe.
Children's and Young People's Participation Learning Network
This Network provides a space for critical learning, dialogue and exchange
between practitioners, academics, policy makers and children and young
people to innovate thinking and practice concerning children's
Child poverty discussion list
This list is an open discussion forum for those interested in research and
policy relating to child poverty.
Academic discussion of all aspects of children's literature
The UK list for academic discussion of all aspects of children's
Children-Media-UK mailing list
Children-Media-UK aims to provide a space in which academics, regulators
and those working in the media industries can engage in critical debate
about children and all forms of media (e.g. TV, video, film, computers,
Child Studies List for Early Years Courses
This list is used by the child studies and early years courses to share
information and resources and support the child studies network.
Child Welfare Inequalities
This list links researchers, practitioners, managers, policy makers, educators and others
who have an interest in child welfare services as a site of unjust and avoidable social
inequalities: the Child Welfare Inequalities Network.

The purposes of the Network are:
to exchange information about developments in this field, and
to discuss issues of policy, practice, methodology, evidence and theory.
In time this may lead to joint research, joint authorship and joint action.

For more information contact P.Bywaters@hud.ac.uk
UK Health Informatics R&D intelligence
The list will allow members to post information, intelligence and advice
about Health Informatics Research and Development proposal, projects and
CHME - Council for Hospitality Management Education
Email list for the Council of Hospitality Management Education.
Chandler House NIRS Lab
This is a mailing list for communication with users of the Chandler House
functional near-infrared spectroscopy lab.
Maillist of the Conference of Heads of University Departments of Economics
This list is for members of the Conference of Heads of University
Departments of Economics to make announcements about meetings,
consultations and other research and teaching matters.
College ICT Advisory Group: Infrastructure
To provide a forum for the college sector in Scotland to consider technical
infrastructure, ICT systems, networks and authentication system
requirements in relation to the SOB strategic plan and McClelland review.
The CIAO Workshop Series
E18 G5
This list is for people who regularly take part in the annual CIAO workshop
series, which
specialises in automated reasoning, formal methods, theory development and other
in the same general area. The regular contributors are drawn mostly from the
UK, Germany
and Austria, with occasional contributions from other countries. It will be
used for
workshop planning, discussion and announcements.
Discussion list for Consortium of Institutes of Advanced Studies
The Consortium of Institutes of Advanced Studies list members will be used
to discuss CIAS events, programmes, visiting fellows, policy.
Creative Industries Business Education Association
CIBEA is an educationally focussed association which intends to be:

-an expert hub for creative thinking related to business
-bring creativity and business closer together
-be a common voice for postgraduate research and teaching
-define and contribute to the development of skills
-provide a focal point to develop and disseminate research into creativity in
business and the business of creativity & Sharing expertise and knowledge
CIG E-Forum
The purpose of this list is to provide a forum for discussions
on topics of relevance to cataloguing, classification, indexing,
knowledge organisation, metadata, etc. enabling an exchange of
experience and perspectives.
This list can also be used to promote relevant events, publications, job vacancies and services.
cii - The Centre for International Intervention Mail Group
cii Mail Group will keep interested parties informed of its events,
projects and publications. The Group will also allow members to post
relevant information to the list.
CILIP South West Member Network Events
Open list for anyone who is a member of the CILIP South West Member Network.

Members are encouraged to participate in this group by contributing to the planning
of and attending events for library and information workers and retired members
in the South West of England.
Mailing list for CILIP in the Thames Valley members
Discussion and announcements from CILIP in the Thames Valley,
which holds regular meetings, visits and networking opportunities
for members of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information
Professionals in the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and
Oxfordshire areas.
Communities in Nature
A place for botanic garden educators and related professionals to discuss
the social role of botanic gardens and other outdoor learning sites.
Discussion list for researchers and practitioners in Cinema and the Museum
This list is a discussion and announcement forum for researchers,
archivists, museum professionals and art practitioners working on cinema,
film and the museum. It is a list for scholarly research and
interdisciplinary exchange of ideas in any area related to these concerns.
An interdisciplinary mailing list for Cinema and Photography
An interdisciplinary mailing list for Cinema and Photography: An arena
for scholars to share critical discussion, CFPs, bibliographic information,
and public announcements of interest across film and photography whether
formally, philosophically, theoretically or critically based.
Critical Infrastructure Protection & Homeland Security
E4 H1 H3 K7 W7
Mailing list for academics and professionals operating in any (both
organisational and technological) field related to Critical
Protection and Homeland Security.
New List Serv for Circus Research Network
The Circus Research Network (Britain and Ireldand)exists to promote and
facilitate research relationships between circus practitioners and
Members of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Opera
This is an email list for members of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research
in Opera
Studies hosted by the School of Music, Cardiff University.
Implementing and operating Cisco Software Defined Access or other intent based network.
A place for technical staff in HE to discuss the challenges in implementing
a Cisco SDA network. Hopefully to share best practise and any learning
experiences. Generic discussion of intent based networking welcomed.
List for researchers working on Cities after Transition
The 'Cities after Transition' CAT list brings together researchers working
on any aspect of transitional cities, but is particularly focused on
cities in the socialist Communist and post-socialist worlds. List members
work on urbanisation and sub-urbanisation, urban processes and planning,
urban cultures and so on within the context of post-socialist transition.
The CAT network hosts international conferences.
City Faith Forum
Academic discussion of the relationship between urban change and religion.
Key themes: geographies of secularisation and the 'post-secular';
Significance of 'faith-based organisations' in urban planning and policy;
Significance of religion for urban politics and urban social cohesion.
City Ward Response To Sexual Harassment
Partnership group to address the issue of sexual harassment within the
Bradford City Ward.
CIUK Cluster Challenge
Mailing list for the Computing Insight UK (CIUK) Cluster Challenge
Caribbean and Latin American Research at Edinburgh
V1 Q4 K4 L6 L8 R3
The CLARE group brings together staff and research students from
a range of disciplines with interests in the Caribbean and
Latin America.
The group meets
informally every two months and promotes Caribbean and
Latin American studies across and outwith the
University of Edinburgh.
Discussion list for the network of UK researchers associated with the
pan-European CLARIN project, building an infrastructure for the support
of advanced research in the humanities using electronic language resources.
List for post-graduates in Classics and related disciplines
This list is available to all post-graduate students in Classics,
Classical Archaeology, Ancient History, Ancient Philosophy, etc. for the
dissemination of relevant and useful information (conferences, seminars,
projects, publications, jobs, etc.).
Click & Go Video streaming
It works best alongside its companion website www.clickandgovideo.ac.uk

This list will primarily discuss and disseminate the educational value and
implementation issues behind using streaming video lectures as a teaching
The Climate Change Impacts mailing list
The Climate Change Impacts mailing list is a forum for discussion of
research issues relating to development of climate change impacts
assessments. In particular, it promotes information exchange on the
development and application of climate change scenarios. It also aims to
encourage the wider dissemination of data and research results.
Climate Change and Mental Health Network
This network is for anyone with interests in climate change and it's effect
on mental health. Open to academics, practitioners, and interested
Climate Change Management List
This list is of interest to researchers and educators working on
information, communication and research on matters related to climate
CliMathNet mail list
Mailing list for the network "CliMathNet"
The UK Clinical Librarian mailing list
The UK Clinical Librarian mailing list is used for the discussion of
issues and dissemination of information relating to Clinical Librarians
and those with similar roles.
Discussions of Clinical Technologists-Engineers
This list is here to aid the sharing of best practice amongst those in clinical
technology and clinical engineering roles both within the UK and abroad.
Clinical and Forensic Special Interest Group of the BMSS
This list acts as a mail-base for the Clinical and Forensic Special Interest Group (SIG)
of the British Mass Spectrometry Society. It will act as a public forum not only to
network with peers, but also to discuss current developments in the field and to
forthcoming conferences, meetings and training courses that are relevant to the
realm of
clinical and forensic mass spectrometry.
Clinical Engineering
A forum for all practicing and trainee Clinical Engineers in the UK and
individuals working in medical technology research and development.
Teaching Clinical Skills in Nursing
Teaching Clinical Skills in Nursing provides an opportunity for all those
teaching clinical skills to disseminate and discuss current
practice-developments and innovation.
Cloud-HTC Task Force
A task force of the RCUK Cloud WG to improve access to Cloud resources for
High Throughput Computing by researchers in the UK

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