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The Critical Management Studies List
This open list supports the Critical Management Studies
Division of the Academy of Management.
Eighteenth century research
Information and research network for any aspect of eighteenth century
culture, literature, history, philosophy. Book reviews, research
abstracts, info on conferences etc welcome.
CABERNET: Europe's Sustainable Brownfield Regeneration Network
K1 K3 F4 L1 K9
CABERNET brings together practioners, policy makers, regulators
and academics to share information and identify best practice
in brownfield regeneration aspects of sustainable urban
land management
CaberNet Events
Mailing list for cabernet related events
CAD-IN-DESIGN mailing list
The CAD-IN-DESIGN mailing list is used for the discussion of computer
aided design in the product design workplace, with the mission of
establishing how 'CAD' should be correctly employed in this specific
Computers in Art & Design Education (CADE)
This is an open discussion list on the role of Computers in Art & Design
Education (CADE). A forum for the leading developments around the
teaching of creative practices and the role of computer and communications
technologies in traditional fields of art & design, the new media &
performing arts.
Discussion list for cafe scientifique network
A meeting place for academics and others involved in organising and
researching science engagement activities.
CAIRN - College Action Inquiry Research Network
This mailing list has been created to facilitate the sharing of information
among Scottish colleges with an interest in research. The Colleges Action
Inquiry Research Network (CAIRN) is hosted by the College Development
Network (CDN). We welcome open discussion on a range of topics, but
discourage direct sales or commercial activity.
CAIRO project list for core project staff
List for the core project team in the JISC-funded CAIRO project accross
three institutions.
CAL for Financial Accounting
This list is deliberatly narrow in its ambitions, namely to help those
teaching financial accounting to make best use of all forms of Computer
Assisted Learning. The list originator admits a bias to objective
testing, computer-based assessment and Virtual Learning Environments, but
it is hoped that the list will take on a life of its own.
Distribution list for the Calice Speakers Bureau
For the CALICE Speakers Bureau
CALL Assistive Technology Community in Scotland
The aim of the List is to provide a community of information exchange and a
discussion - a forum for teachers and learning support teachers (mainly in
Scotland but not restricted to Scotland) who use Assistive Technology to
support learners with additional support needs.
CALM archive management system
The list serves the professional archivists, system managers and technical
staff using the CALM archive management system in archive repositories,
record offices and academic, public and special libraries.
Cambridge Collections Chat - Museums, Libraries, Archives and Heritage
Discussion group for museum, library, archive and heritage professionals to
share news across the University of Cambridge and local collections.
news and events mailing list
Mailing list for Cambridge-INET news letters
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
This is a dedicated mailing list for CAMHS professionals to enable them
to discuss issues, exchange information, gain and provide support to
peers, problem solve etc in order to develop culturally competent CAMHS services.
DofH services for children with mental health problems
List for researchers involved in evaluating the new initiative from
the DofH to fund services for children with mental health problems.
Campaign for the Public University
m.farrelly@open.ac.uk, john.holmwood@nottingham.ac.uk

L3 L6 L8 L9 V9
This list is to enable academics, postgraduate students, and others to
discuss the current
changes being proposed to higher education.
Campus GRIDs
List for discussing the implementation of Campus GRIDs
CampusPack UK Usergroup
Mailing list to support the usergroup for staff using the Learning Objects
CampusPack collaboration tools.
Please be aware that this list was set up to support UK educational institutions, and
although we welcome contributions from global users, some discussions may be UK-centric.
CampusPress user list
This list is for users of the CampusPress service that provides multi-site
WordPress implementations for education. CampusPress are also the
providers of the well-known EduBlogs platform.
Mailing list for the Change Agents' Network
This is a mailing list to support the Jisc funded Change Agents' Network - a
network which supports staff and students working in partnership to bring about
change with technology.
This list has been created for the discussion of issues surrounding the
electronic publication of Cancioneros. Topics for discussion include,
but are not restricted to,transcription of original documents, collation,
variation, mss description, etc.
Higher Education for Capability
For academics interested in changing the HE curriculum in order to
encourage students to become more responsible for their own educational,
professional and vocational development. Higher Education for Capability
provides conferences and a journal on delivering capability via the
To complement the journal 'Capital and Class' (ISSN 0 309 8786)
The list will complement the journal 'Capital and Class' (ISSN 0 309 8786)
The intention is to have a forum for open discussion of research and
teaching issues around marxist political economy.
North West Capital Development Network
Working with the Heritage Lottery Fund, MDNW is starting a network for
museums currently going through, or thinking of going through capital
development projects.
Computer Aided Production Management (CAPM)
Computer Aided Production Management (CAPM) All aspects of the application
of computers to production planning and control, including specification,
design, new methods and technologies, implementation, management, human
aspects, and links to the wider business such as CIM and BPR.
Carceral Geography
Network of researchers in Carceral Geography
Cardiff Neuroscience Public Engagement Activities
This list is to enable members of the Cardiff University Neuroscience
Community (and collaborators) to exchange ideas for public engagment
Cardiff University Interdisciplinary Filmic Research
Cardiff University Interdisciplinary Film Studies and Visual Cultural
Careers Advisers supporting Researchersd in Europe
Description: CARE4PhD is for career advisers who support PhD students and
postdoctoral researchers.
The list enables discussions and information sharing amongst its members.
Careers Services and Social Media Usage
This list is used by Careers Professionals to discuss issues relating to the management
and effective use of social media to engage our clients and stakeholders.

The group also provides a forum to exchange new ideas and best practice with Careers
staff with a particular responsibility for managing their Service's uses of social media.
1994 Group Heads of Careers Services
This group will coordinate a joint policy and professional service group of
the Heads of
Careers and Employability services within the 1994 Group. We will use this forum
discuss strategy, delivery and research for the support for the support of the
#continuation of study and the transition from study to work.
Employability has increasing
political importance within Higher Education and we would like to communicate our
message in a joined-up and strategic way.
Care for the Future announcement list
This list is used for announcements for the AHRC's 'Care for the Future:
Thinking Forward through the Past' theme award holders and researchers.
These communications may include information about theme events, award
holder events, opportunities for networking and further awards, and other
theme-related information.
Care for the Future ECRs
A list for Early Career Researchers undertaking research related to the
Care for the Future theme. Research, activities, networking.
For staff working with care leavers in F and HE
For staff providing services to care leavers in Further and Higher Education, including
support, financial benefits
Provides a forum for critical researchers to debate caregiving issues,
provides a link between the voluntary sector and academia, and to
advertise caregiving events, publications, and projects.
Carers Research collaborative network
A place for researchers, carers, service users, third sector organisations,
practitioners and policy makers to share and exchange information on the evidence
base for carer services, research and policy
Carfree Research Network
A4 K1 K3 K7 K9
The Carfree Research Network is a place for all researchers involved in the
study of
carfree cities and carfree areas to connect to share information and ideas, across
national and disciplinary boundaries.
Members of the Society for Caribbean Studies based in UK
This list is open for all members of the Society for Caribbean Studies
based in the UK, as well as students and academics who are working on or
interested in issues related to the Caribbean. The aim of the list is to
facilitate discussion between the members on issues related to the
Announcement list for Caring Technology Researchers
A moderated list to announce research jobs, studentships, conferences and
workshops in:telecare, telehealth; assistive technology; inclusive design,
and the accessibility of ICT.
Discussion list for CARN members
This list is for CARN members to discuss issues in Action Research
Computer Arts Society
The Computer Arts Society was founded in 1968.
CASBAH Project (Caribbean Studies; Black and Asian History)

A discussion and information mailing list for the RSLP funded CASBAH
project, Caribbean Studies - Black and Asian History. The project aims to
identify and map national research resources for Caribbean Studies and the
history of Black and Asian people in Britain.
More details at www.casbah.ac.uk
Case method in business and management education
Research into the use of the case method in business and management
Caseload midwifery
List for those involved in development, evaluation and research of
caseload midwifery.
Counselling Administrators’ Support Group
Discussion list for administrators who work in Counselling Services in HE,
affiliated nationally.
CASS Operations Group list.

***This list has been retained 01/06/2012 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can
post to this list– contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list***

This list is used to discuss operational issues relating to the
establishment of the Collaborative Academic Store for Scotland, involving
UK HE and the NLS.
Discussion list for users of CASTEP under academic distributions.
This list is for academic-licensed users of the CASTEP plane-wave DFT
ab-initio modelling code. Discussions and queries on usage, tips, tools
and enhancements are all welcome.
Castor GridPP notification list
List designed to inform the GridPP users of the RAL Castor services of any
changes or outages that will affect the system availability This list has been retained
22/07/14. Existing subscribers may access archives, the list won't accept any new
posts or subscribers.

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