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BSA North East Medical Sociology Study Group
The North East Medical Sociology group was established to bring together
individuals with
an interest in the critical sociology of health, and enhance the profile of
sociology in the region. This list exists to share news and information relating to
group or medical sociology more widely, to promote group discussion and
working, and to attract new group members.
Announcement list for the BSA New Materialisms Study Group
A group for sociologists within and beyond the BSA to discuss the theory
and application of new materialist and posthuman perspectives to
sociology. This Jiscmail group will be the means to share and disseminate
information and news relevant to the study group's objectives.
This is the JISCmail list for the BSA Postgraduate Forum. The PGF
facilitates contact between student members and the BSA. The PGF
holds regular events across the UK. It is open to all postgraduate members
of the BSA.
BSA Sociology Psychoanalysis and the Psychosocial Study Group Announcements
L3 L4 L7 L9 L10
The list exists to promote dialogue among members of the BSA Sociology,

Psychoanalysis, and the Psychosocial Study Group, to disseminate ideas and

information, to announce forthcoming items of interest, and generally to

advance the sociological investigation of psychosocial phenomena.
Race & Ethnicity Study Group (BSA) List
This list is used by the Race & Ethnicity Study Group (British Sociological Association), to make
announcements of forthcoming events and programmes.
Announcement list for the BSA Social Statistics Study Group
The social statistics study group is a working group of BSA members who are
interested in the application of statistical methods to social science
research. The group aims to bring sociologists with a shared interest in
statistical (or mixed) methods together and to offer a shared space to
meet, develop ideas, present work. We would like to invite everybody with
an interest in statistical (or other quantitative) methods along to the
new study group.
Announcement list for the BSA Sociology of the Arts Study Group
The mailing list will be used by the BSA Sociology of the Arts Study Group,
which brings together individuals interested in, and working with,
creative industries, artists, designers, curators or those in other
artistic fields. The list will be used to encourage academic discussion,
to advertise events, and to facilitate collaborations between academics,
practitioners and enterprise.
BSA Science and Technology Studies Study Group
Email list for the British Sociology Association's Science and Technology
Studies Study Group.
E-Mailing list for the Theory Study Group - BSA
This list is used by the BSA's Theory Study Group to make announcements
regarding the research community, conferences and events, programmes,
publications, and projects.
British Sociological Association Violence Against Women Group
This email list will be used to communicate conferences, important events,
new publications to members of the British Sociological Association's violence against
women study group.
Announcement list for the BSA Violence and Society Study Group
It is a forum for presentation of theory and research in the sociology of
It will address all forms of violence &
128; interpersonal, collective, nonstate and state.
Though based in the BSA it aims to be international and interdisciplinary in
We organize events to promote debate on violence and organize the theory
stream at the BSA conference.
BSA Visual Sociology Study Group
This is the mailing list for the British Sociological Association's Visual
Sociology Study Group.
A study group of the British Sociological Association. This 'Work,
Employment and Economic
Life' Study Group reflects the interests of BSA members who research and teach in
fields of the sociology of work, economic life, labour markets and industrial
BSA Digital Sociology
This is the email list for members of the British Sociological
Association's Digital Sociology group.
BSA Education Study Group
This group brings together sociologists interested in educational issues
for the purposes of developing and sharing knowledge and engaging in
critical debate.
BSA Historical and Comparative Study Group
This list is for all those interested in historical and comparative

sociology. It is a list connected to the BSA Historical and Comparative

Study Group but you do not need to be a member of the BSA to subscribe
BSA Teaching Group
The BSA Teaching Group is a voluntary group of teachers who have joined
together to
further the interests of sociology teaching in secondary schools, sixth form
colleges and
universities. You can connect to others with whom you can share good practice, ideas for
lesson plans, resources, events and information about job vacancies.
NUS Black Students' Campaign
L10 N2 R3 X8 U2

The Black Students Campaign is a self-organised autonomous part of NUS. We represent over
1 million students of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage who are studying in the UK.
BSC Postgraduate Email Distribution List
This list is for postgraduate criminology students and those in early
Hate Crime Network
The Hate Crime Network seeks to bring together academics, practitioners and
policy makers working in the field of hate crime to share information and
experiences about hate crime with a view to developing critical analysis
and debate across research, policy, and practice.
BSC Victims Network Announcement list for Jisc
The list is to allow for effective and speedy communication between members
of the newly formed specialist BSC Victims Network.
Members' email list for BSHP
This list is used by the British Society for the History of Philosophy to
communicate with and between members about events and society matters.
Latest news from the BSHS Outreach and Education Committee

***This list has been retained 11/05/2015 no one can subscribe to this list
and no one can post to this list - contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk
for all enquiries regarding this list***

This list is for those interested in learning more about the activities of
the British Society for the History of Science Outreach and Education
committee, including teachers, museum curators, and outreach professionals
British Sedimentological Research Group mailing list
The BSRG mailing list is for the discussion of all aspects of
sedimentology: modern and ancient, practical and theoretical.
BSSH North West Sport and Leisure History Network
V1 P6 N10 N11 N3
The British Society of Sports History has set up a regional network of
sport and leisure
historians in the North West. This list will provide a forum for members to
with each other and to notify each other of relevant events and developments
within the
GW4 Bridging the Gap: Colonial Legacies
This JISC mail list supports the GW4 Bridging the Gap Colonial Legacies
Bucks New Uni - Partner College - Students and Staff

ZB U1 U2 T2 I1
***This list has been retained 22/07/2014 no one can subscribe to this list
and no one can post to this list - contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk
for all enquiries regarding this list***

This list is for students studying for a Buckinghamshire New University
Award at partner
colleges, such as Amersham and Wycombe, BCA, Aylesbury, East Berkshire, OCVC
and OCA.
list will help to keep staff and students at partners informed about work being
by the Students' Union and will enable partner college students to give us
their feedback.
Announcement list for the Birkbeck UCL Centre for NeuroImaging (BUCNI) user community
This list provides a means of sharing information between users of the
Birkbeck UCL Centre for Neuroimaging (BUCNI) centre.
BUCS Membership List
This list is to be used by the British Universities & Colleges Sport
membership to share best practice, notify and discuss pertinent issues
arising within the higher education sport sector.
BUCS Female Focus Forum
This list will be used to share best practice and discuss challenges in
increasing female participation in sport at university.
BUCS will share insight and guidance from national partners and Sport England
where relevent via this list.
BUCS Workforce Focus Forum
This list will be used to share best practice and discuss challenges in
supporting workforce development in sport at university. BUCS will share
insight and guidance from national partners and Sports Coach UK where
relevant via this list.
Buddhism and Mental Health
A community set up to discuss the relationship between Buddhist ideas and
the delivery
of Mental Health Care- for anyone with an interest in exploring the impact
Buddhist thought
and practice can have on our experience as professionals and or as users
of the system.
Online delivery of moving images
A list to discuss online delivery of moving images to support HE
teaching and research with input from FE. Issues to be addressed include
content selection, access, rights clearance, encoding, description, asset
management, authorisation and delivery.
(The BUGS software mailing list)
The BUGS software carries out Bayesian inference on complex statistical
models using Markov chain Monte Carlo techniques. BUGS is freely available
from the MRC Biostatistics Unit. This list is for users of BUGS to exchange
information and worked examples.
The BUGS Software Development Mailing List
This list is for those interested in being involved in the future
development of the BUGS software, via OpenBUGS.
This list is a discussion forum for professionals in international HE
This list acts as a discussion forum for professionals in
international higher education. Discussion will include debate on
topics such as policy, strategy, marketing, quality assurance and
liaison with colleagues in UCAS, The British Council, UKCISA etc.
Building a better future sponsors list
X8 T1 T2 K1 ZB

This list is used by the sponsors of Further and Higher Education new
projects to share information of mutual benefit.
Building Stones Discussion List
An discussion list for communication regarding building stones, quarrying,
sourcing, stone conservation and research and issues relating to these
Health, Wellbeing and the Built Environment
UCL-based list to exchange information on built environment and health
Anthony Burgess Studies
A space for academic discussion about the life and work of Anthony Burgess,
sharing developments in Burgess Studies and asking questions to
Burundi Research Network
The Burundi Research Network is a group for all researchers working on
and/or in Burundi. This mailing list would enable researchers to share
information and know about new projects, publications, conferences calls,
Business, Management, Accountancy & Finance Subject Centre e-news
The subject centre is one of the 24 subject centres of the Higher
Education Academy.
Business-Information-All mailing list
Business-Information-All is a forum for teachers and researchers
working in the area of Business Information Management, Business
Information Systems or Business Information Technology. It was set up
after the 13 conference.
Business Information Technology - the First Seven Years.
Business Processes
Discussion List for
multidisciplinary researchers & practitioners interested in BPR, IT,
knowledge management, human factors, PIP, and strategic issues across
sectors. Submissions include: event & information announcements, and best
practice discussion.
Business Research mailing list
For business/organisation studies researchers/research groups seeking
to network with academic peers and improve the quality of their research.
The list is part of networking activities of UK academics working in
departments with less than maximum RAE ranking.
The mailing list for Business Discourse researchers and teachers
The BusinessDiscourseNet is a list dedicated to dialogue and information
exchange between scholars from a variety of disciplines, research and
teaching traditions, who are interested in the new multidisciplinary field
of Business Discourse.
BusinessObjects in Higher and Further Education
The BusinessObjects mailing list is used for the discussion of the use of
BusinessObjects in Higher and Further Education.
British Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association

***This list has been retained 20/04/2015 no one can subscribe to this list
and no one can post to this list - contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk
for all enquiries regarding this list***

An information and news discussion service facilitated by BUTEX , the
British Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association, concerned with
Uk / North American university student and faculty exchange and Study
By the Book
This list allows delegates of the By the Book conference to communicate and
develop research ideas and proposals.
Christian Academic Network Newsletter
The Christian Academic Network

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