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Aesthetics, Creativity, and Organisations Research Network
ACORN's intent is to develop and promote the field of organizational
art and aesthetics. We wish to provide a wide range of forums where researchers and
teachers interested in connecting art, aesthetics, and creative
practice within organizational and work settings can meet, exchange ideas,
share resources, and experiment with new forms of thinking and practice.
Discussion list for Academic Applications Forum
The Academic Applications Forum, supported by Eduserv, provides a forum for
discussion of topics related to applications support in the academic environment.
Membership is largely, but not exclusively, drawn from Computer Centre staff in the UK
University sector. Eduserv CHEST support the Forum and attend all of the meetings, so
this Forum provides a valuable means of making them aware of current issues and
Anglo-American Health Policy Network
The Anglo-American Health Policy Network serves as a forum for health
scholars and policy makers to share information relating to health policy
developments in the UK and the US.
Group for Universities running IUK ODA funded Africa Agrifood KTPs
To share best practice in running and administrating Africa AgriFood
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
Mailing list of ab initio German Standing Conference
This list links up all members of the Standing Conference on ab
initio German in the UK and Ireland. The Standing Conference is open
to all third level institutions and guests are also welcome.
Main mailing list of ABCP - Association of British Chinese Professors
This is the main mailing list of ABCP (Association of British Chinese Professors) for the
organisation to communicate with its members and for its members to discuss relevant
topics via email. More about ABCP can be found on its website: https://abcp.org.uk/.
Association of Brazilian Postgraduate Students and Researchers in the UK
This is a list dedicated to the discussion of matters related to and of
interest of Brazilian Postgraduate Students and Researchers based in the
UK. It is a list associated with the Association of Brazilian Postgraduate
Students and Researchers in the UK (Associação de Brasileiros Estudantes
de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisadores no Reino Unido, ABEP-UK).
Aberdeen NLG Reading Group
Announcements for a reading group on Natural Language Generation and NLP
more generally, run by the Aberdeen Uni NLG research group.
Association of British and Irish Lusitanists
This list is used by the Association of British and Irish Lusitanists to
circulate to its members announcements of its activities and all
information relating to the aims of the Association.
German Ab initio Network in the UK and Ireland
The purpose of this list is to enable communication between teachers of
German ab initio in the UK and Ireland.
Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries.
ABTAPL is the Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries
The list will be used as a forum for sharing experience and information
in the fields of theological and philosophical librarianship
and resource management.
Accident and Emergency Academic List
The list is of relevance to all trainees and professionals involved in
emergency medicine including undergraduates and postgraduate practitioners.
It seeks to promote and foster academic research in the world of emergency
International Study Group on Academic-Industry Relations.
For exchange of information and ideas related to an International Study
Group on Academic-Industry Relations. Current topics within the ISG are
spin-off companies, strategic science centres, and bridging institutions
like FhG and TNO, but all interested in the topic are welcome.
List for Library Directors in Academic Libraries North
A list for Directors of member library services of Academic Libraries North, a group of
University Libraries in the North of England. The group has remit of establishing
closer collaboration in the development and delivery of library services with the aim of
enhancing the student experience and optimising cost effectiveness.
Society for The Academic Study of Magic
We wish to use this list to debate new findings and theories in the
academic study of magic. We will use the list to publicise events,
research and CFPs in the field.
PRHE Academic Writing RIG

Supports the Academic Writing research interest group
established at the 2nd Pedagogical Research in Higher
Education conference
Developing, Teaching and Testing Academic Listeners BALEAP SIG
An area for discussion and sharing of information for members of the BALEAP
'Developing, Teaching and Testing Academic Listeners' special interest
group and others with interest in this field.
Forum for Liverpool Online Academic Practice Students and Graduates
This is a forum for current students and graduates of the University of
Liverpool Online programme in Academic Practice. Is offers an area of
networking, sharing ideas and keeping in touch for graduates of the
programme at all levels. Its focus is global international learning and
teaching theory and practice.
Academic Study Skills List
This would facilitate communication, spread ideas and share examples of
practice among academic skills/study skills lecturers and tutors.
Academics under Threat - Academicos en riesgo
This is a mailing list bringing together UK-based and non-UK based
academics and researchers working mainly in the social sciences who have
faced situations of threats as a result of their research. In recent
years, there has been a rising number of cases of researchers whose lives
were at risk because of the work they were conducting. This group aims to
support all academics facing such difficult times and make visible their
plight by issuing declarations and reports.
Academy Sustainability
This list will be a vehicle for communication between the Higher Education
Academy network on issues of sustainability and sustainability policy.
ACB AKI-Detection-Algorithm
The Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine links together clinical,
academic and scientific staff in the field of diagnostic testing.
This list is dedicated to the advancement of the detection of acute kidney injury (AKI).
Once the AKI warning algorithm has been established, the data generated by health
organisations using the algorithm will be used for outcome based research on acute kidney
The list will serve both health service personnel involved in testing and managing
patients with AKI and academic units conducting outcome based AKI research.
Clinical biochemistry discussion list
This list is an open discussion list for the academic community working
in clinical biochemistry. It is run under the auspices of the Association
for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine - the learned society of the profession -
supporting its educational, scientific and research interests in the UK.
ACB Clinical Practice discussion list
This discussion list is for the Clinical Practice working group of the
Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine - the learned society of the
which supports the educational, scientific and research interests of clinical
biochemists and chemical pathologists in the UK.
IT working group of the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine
This discussion list is for the IT working group of
the Association for Clinical Biochemsitry and Laboratory Medicine - the learned society of
the profession which supports the educational, scientific and
research interests of clinical biochemists and chemical pathologists
in the UK.
ACB Point-of-Care Testing
The Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine
links together clinical academic,
scientific and NHS staff in the fields of diagnostic testing.
This list is dedicated to Point-of-Care testing.
This is a growing area of interest drawing together practitioners and scientists
as new technologies are transferred from bench to the bedside. The
Technology Strategy Board is pushing this area as one strand of its
Stratified Medicine Portfolio.
Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine Trainees Mailing List
This is a friendly, informal, discussion mailing list, restricted to trainees working
in Clinical Sciences. It provides a platform for trainees to share ideas, resources
and opinions, ask questions and offer advice, within the trainee fold.
The list is managed by the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine
Trainees' Committee.
Non-ACB members are welcome to join the list, provided they can confirm their
trainee status. It is still recommended that trainees sign up to the regular version of
the ACB Mailbase (ACB-CLIN-CHEM-GEN) as a way of keeping up to date with current
issues in the world of Clinical Biochemistry and other pathology disciplines, even if
they do not actively participate in the discussions.
Paediatric Laboratory Medicine Discussion List
PaLMnet is the UK Paediatric Laboratory Medcine Network. It is a subgroup
of the ACB Scientific Affairs committee. Its main objective is to support
harmonisation and rational use of laboratory testing for infants, babies
and children and young people up to the age of 18 years
Adult vocational guidance and counselling list
A forum for comments and discussion on issues concerning provision of,
access to and quality of adult vocational guidance and counselling,
with a particular emphasis on combating social exclusion.
AccessHE Disability forum and SENCO Network
An online help-desk and forum for sharing questions around support for
disabled learners in HE. This list aims to act as a network to bridge
school and college SENCOs with widening participation and disability
services staff in HE, so they can ask questions and receive impartial
advice about complex cases, DSA processes and available support for their
students (e.g. accommodation, assistive technology etc).
Jisc Accessibility Community Maths working group
The Jisc Accessibility Community maths working group aims to collate useful
research and practices for the HE sector. This list will help us to share,
research and promote accessible maths workflows. You can find us on Github
as A11ymaths.
Accessible by Design
The purpose of this list is for anyone interested in the competition
Accessible by Design to be run via the Jisc elevator
Accessibuilt list
Accessibuilt provides a discussion forum on the accessibility and barriers
created in the built environment. The concepts of Inclusive and Universal
Design applied to the buildings form a focus and the social model of
disability is encouraged by the list owners for all discussions.
Accessibility and Inclusion North West
Z1 X6
This group is for anyone with an interest in Accessibility, Inclusion and
Learner Support in Further Education, based in the North West. The list aims to be
discussion forum as well as a source of information on support available from the
Accountable Systems
Discussion and networking list for exploring issues of accountability as they
relate to systems and emerging technologies.
IT curriculum forum for colleges in the Eastern region
A list to encourage discussion of current IT curriculum issues between
ACER member colleges (Association of Colleges in the Eastern Region)
ACHS UK Chapter
Association of Critical Heritage Studies UK Chapter
achsukchapter is a discussion list for academic and industry researchers with a link to
the UK investigating all aspects of heritage, tourism, museum and
cultural/natural management. This list is a forum for sharing experiences
and exchanging information.
ACSIS project updates
The North Atlantic Climate System Study - ACSIS - is a NERC Long Term
Science Multi-Centre (LTSM) Programme, led by the National Centre for
Atmospheric Science and delivered by six NERC Centres (NCAS, NOC, BAS,
NCEO, CPOM, PML) in collaboration with the UK Met Office.
The overarching science objective of ACSIS is: To enhance the UK &
128's capability to detect, attribute and predict changes in the North Atlantic
Climate System
No title defined
A JISC email list for academics interested in exploring the positive
impact of active learning on student experience. Do you want to
include more interactive technology?
Do you struggle to keep abreast with research?
Want to be able to build on existing theory and practice
and transfer 'what works' into new settings?
Interested in disturbing what role students
should have in their learning?
Subscribe now to join our discussions.
Technology Enhanced Active Learning
Active Learning Network mailing list
The Active Learning Network mailing list aims to create a platform for
#discussion on active learning practice and research, as well as for
dissemination of information related to the scope of the Network.
ACU Climate Change Resilience Network
The Climate Resilience Network supports universities to develop resilience
to climate change both within their institution and their communities, to
share knowledge and best practice, and a platform for universities to
connect with policymakers and develop effective approaches to resilience
and disaster preparedness.
Assembly for Comparative Urbanisation and the Material Environment
This list supports researchers pursuing the comparative social study of
long term (prehistoric to contemporary) urbanisation processes, urban
life, and urban landscape development, established as an emergent field of
interest at the ACUMEN workshop, 12-13 Dec. 2012 in Leeds. The list is
used for learned discussion, research questions, community building,
project collaborations, and relevant announcements.
John Adams Institute mailing list
This list will be used to communicate information to the members of the
John Adams Institute for Accelerator science
Public events at the John Adams Institute
Announcement of the events organized by the Adams Institute
Addiction Course Convenors
A restricted discussion list for providers of drug and/or alcohol misuse
courses, mainly within the HE and FE sector.
WG for Archiving and Documentation of History of Forced Migration
Mailing List for the IASFM Working Group for Archiving and Documentation of History of
Forced Migration.

The Working Group seeks to document and preserve original history of forced migration at
both national and international levels. We would like to generate new partnerships
and networking opportunities for developing forced migration archives
and for helping with the creation of knowledge on, and the collection,
documentation and preservation of forced migration history. We recognise
that there is a needto work on how knowledge in the field of forced
migration is created/ produced and maintained. Our aim for this Working
Group, therefore, will be to bring together researcher, academics,
librarians, archivists, activists, advocates (i.e.NGOs) who are either interested
in the history of forced migration and related fields, or are interested in
the care and preservation of the archival and library collections that help to
preserve the often hidden voices of the migration journey. With a focus on
networking on history of forced migration, we will also address the growing
critique of the divide between experts and forced migrants themselves.
We would like to take steps to ensure that the documentation of testimonies
associated with the migration journey are actively preserved.
Adlib Users
A discussion list for Adlib software users in archives, libraries and
museums to keep in touch with each other and to share ideas, tips and best
Announcements and discussion related to the activities of ADM-HEA
This list is for announcements and discussion related to the activities
of ADM-HEA, the Art, Design and Media Subject Centre of the
Higher Education Academy. The Subject Centre promotes
high quality in the learning and teaching of ADM in HE by enabling
knowledge exchange, innovation and enterprise.
List for discussion of business intelligence issues in HE/FE administration
A list for university/college professionals using Business Intelligence
practices and
tools to support decision making and informed management in their institutions:
exchange good practice and accessible (non-technical) advice.
Distance Learning programmes mailing list
To facilitate discussion on the administration of and problems
encountered with distance learning programmes.

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