To Everyone

 Can anybody tell me how the 1998 Human Rights  Act, in the U.K. will impact on Disabled People in the United Kingdom.

What Rights will this give Disabled  People?

Will have an impact on proposed Welfare Reforms?

Will have an impact on Disabled People's entailment to Health and Social Care?
What about Disabled People's Right to Education, currently Education is exempt from th Disability Discrimination Act.

I have been informed by the University, I attend, that, I have no rights to recourse from Judicial Review. This is because if the are unable to meet my assessed needs, this does not give them any responsibility, within the D.D.A. to meet my needs.

Can the Human Rights Act support me in this situation ?

Another angle on the Education debate is around Consumer Law/Contractual Law.

If Higher Education establishments are offering Goods and Services do they have duties, under the following: (Are Diploma's and Degree's,  at Higher Education a Goods and Service?)

 Consumer Law/Contractual Law: 'Product Liability; The Product (The Degree); Liability (not given Disabled People the practical support,equipment and other resources, in which includes accessibility to buildings and accessible study rooms). If these Higher Education establishments engage in a contract with the Disabled Person, are they not being 'negligent' in meeting their needs.

My understanding of Contractual Law is that there are implied and written terms when two individual parties agree on a contract.

This is only a thought I might be way off track and I don't know if litigation has ever been taken, under Consumer/ Contractual legislation in the past?

Hope to hear your responses


Colin Revell,
Adult's with Dyspraxia Support Group,
Executive Member,
Research and Development