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Erik Dombroski
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School Of Physiotherapy,
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>I would not recognise a virus if it were to bite me on the elbow and
rely on 
>experts like yourself to warn me not to open certain files.

I am a little surprised to read comments like this.

If you use a computer that is connected to the Internet or you share
files with others you should install antivirus software.  The price of
these applications has really come down to a realistic cost and
updates for a new database of viruses to check for is free. 
Furthermore you need to learn how to scan for viruses on a regular
basis. There are many basic computer courses available that will teach
you this. We all drive cars and rarely do the tires puncture, but when
they do and you happen to be 'out and beyond' you want to know how to
fix it yourself!  Catching and eliminating viruses is much the same! 
To do this you don't need to be an expert, just as you don't need to
be a car mechanic to change the tire; but knowing the basics can be
file saving or lifesaving as the case may be!