I hope none of you will object to my promoting another list. I felt sure
that many among you would be interested in it.


Chris Dell

> Announcing a new Mailbase electronic discussion list
> This new discussion list is intended to be a wide-ranging forum for
> all
> who take a scholarly interest in the art and science of heraldry. It
> is
> hoped that the list will be of value to historians, art and
> architectural historians, heraldic professionals and scholars,
> literary
> scholars, heritage professionals and all who take a serious interest
> in
> the history, significance, uses and meanings of heraldry.
> For further information visit the Heraldry-Studies home page at the
> Mailbase web site, at:
> To join Heraldry-Studies, send the message JOIN HERALDRY-STUDIES
> NAME> <SECOND NAME> (inserting your own first and second names where
> indicated) to:
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> The list owner is Dr Ralph Harrington of the Department of History in
> the University of York, who can be contacted directly on:
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> Ralph Harrington
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