RE: An article in The Nation of  9/6-13 on Swiss bank reparations to
Holocaust victims

A sidebar notes that a campaign to find victims or "targets of Nazi
persecution to share in the 1.25 billion setlement agreed to by swiss
"Potential beneficiaries include not only Jews but also jehova's
witnesses, gypsies (romany) , homosexuals and physcially or mentally
disabled or handicapped people who has assets depostied in banks,
performed slave labor for entities that may have deposited reveniues,
or unsuccessefully sought entry into switzerland to avoicd nazi
(FOr information - call 888 635 5483 or web site
(Note: The typos are mine - the descriptors are theirs) 
        I was pleased to see this posting. I know there is a group in
california engaged in looking into the relevant disability history and
attempting to track victims. 
       This would be useful info for the classroom as well for our
            simi linton

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