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Here's a teaser for you. Can anyone on the list help this person? Please
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The archaeologist in question was possibly french-speaking (could be
french, swiss, belgian or canadian...)

Judith Winters
Editor,  Internet Archaeology
University of York
YO1 7EP,  UK 

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Christophe Agnus writes: Hi,

I'm a journalist working for the french weekly L'Express, and I am looking
for a very special information you might have heard of.  A few months ago,
I heard about an archeologist who reconstituted a very old text, with the
help of the Internet. Actually, he had only a part of the document, and
thanks to the Internet, he found other people in the world having the
other parts. It was something very rare and precious, and Internet helped
to solve a very old archeological mystery. The problem is I can't find who
those archeologist is. Have you ever heard of this story?  Thanks! 

Christophe Agnus