Looks like shoulder-hand syndrome.  See Pat Davies book "Steps To Follow" for simple and working regime.

Richard and Bev Hoskins wrote:

 Could this be an unusual onset Sudek's atrophy?
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  Dear friends,                    probably practice of medicine began when one person asked another for help in  relief of his pain.To erase pain I think it is important to find cause or origin of pain.It is in one of rare  case of this kind I seek opinion of the house.                       Two months back   A forty five year old lady,developed hemiplegia  on left side,with the involvement of face,as she was having hypertension,and diabetes no one was surprised,but not until she went in for CT brain where a huge meningioma was found.Face has recovered not the limbs.She is having flaccid paralysis of left arm.But for her that is not the problem ,Problem is SEVERE PAIN in left hand ,not responding to any conventional Analgesic,even opium derivatives.X-ray,cervical Spine Shows,Decreased intervertibral space in C5/C6 ,C6/C7 inaddition to osteoarthritis changes.Xray shoulder shows  attempt at new bone formation in the inferior surface of glnohumral joint,no past h/o any trauma or infectionXray left hand is normal exept few osteoporotic areas. WHAT COULD BE CAUSE OF PAIN OF SUCH SEVERITYIS IT HER TUMOUR,CERVICAL SPINE,SHOULDER,OR HANDHer higher functions are normal,memory,is normal.Blood sugar level was raisedat the time if examination which is now under control.She is being given carbamazapine Tegritol 400 mg tds for diabetic neuropathy.in addition to tramadolanalgesic,TENS.Cockup Splint, passive exercise and message after infrared,cervical traction for cervical spine.ThanksDr.Sarveshwar Chander SoodOrthopaedic Surgeon & HeadDepartment of Physical Medicine & RehabilitationS.B.L.S Civil Hospital812/1,Housing Board Colony,Model TownJalandhar City,Punjab State,IndiaE-mail [log in to unmask]; [log in to unmask] Phone 0181-273653,0181-463980