I was hoping someone better informed than me would pick up on this one! The
article in DWB on Meredudd ap Rhys lists peniarth MSS 74, 128, 132, 287
*and other manuscripts* - which is a fat lot of use! If no-one else comes
up with anything in the course of the day I'll try and have a look at the
great NLW index of Welsh poetry in MS when I'm in Cardiff tomorrow.

may one ask the source of your interest? I am trying to pull together some
ideas on the iconography of late medieval devotion in Wales, mainly in an
attempt to swim against the resolutely pre-revisionist tide which still
prevails in Welsh history. (Which seems a pity when the revisionist
paradigm works so well for Wales)


At 12:15 PM 6/22/99 +0100, M.C. Gill wrote:
>Dear all,
>I am trying to trace a poem about the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy 
>by a fifteenth-century Welsh poet called Maredudd ap Rhys.  He was 
>associated with the church at Ruabon which has a painting of this 
>subject and it would be interesting to see if there are any links 
>between the poem and the painting.  However, there is not much in our 
>library about medieval Welsh and I have drawn a blank.  Does anyone 
>have any suggestions?  I would be very grateful.
>With Best Wishes
>Miriam Gill