as of some seven years ago, the song was still being sung
at Smith.

meg cormack

> I vividly recall singing "Gaudemus igitur"  at my alma mater, Smith
> College, in Northampton, Massachusetts USA. If I remember correctly
> (we're talking about the 1970s) the occasion was usually the college-wide
> Convocation at the beginning of each school year. It was all suitably
> pseudo-medieval: the faculty processed in full regalia, led by the
> "mace-bearer."

> Deborah L. Goodwin                                        "Don't talk to
> me of the Duke of Monmouth.
> Department of Theology                                  Show me the exact
> spot where Louisa
> University of Notre Dame                                 Musgrove fell!"
>              Tennyson.

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