Dear Otfried (and list),

I'd like to offer a few encouraging words! I know that it is tough to
leave traditional academe and one's field, because I really did the
same thing, moving into a non-traditional academic job and out of the
history of exegesis and into documentary editing and theatre history. 
But there are rewards and satisfactions in publishing/editing, too,
and the challenge and excitement of learning about other disciplines
will be there too. If you are lucky, as I was, and dedicated (as I
know you are!) you'll be able to carve out some space in your life to
continue with the field that you really love, too. It is possible! 

So, with thanks for all your contributions to the list, I'll say 'Good
luck!' -- Don't give up the hope for a position in your field but
don't despair, either: it's not so bad out here!


Abigail Ann Young (Dr), Associate Editor/ Records of Early English Drama/
Victoria College/ 150 Charles Street W/ Toronto Ontario Canada
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