Today, 30 March, is the feast of ...

* Regulus or Rieul, bishop (c. 250?)
- patron of the city and diocese of Senlis, of which he is 
said to have been the first bishop

* John Climacus, abbot (c. 649)
- author of the *Ladder to Paradise*, consisting of thirty 
chapters illustrating the thirty degrees for attaining 
religious perfection; in art he is portrayed holding a 

* Zosimus, bishop (c. 660)
- as a boy, his tasks included being guardian of the place 
in Syracuse where St Lucy's relics were kept; once, after 
he had shirked his duty, he had a vision of Lucy loooking 
at him angrily, while he was being defended by the Virgin 
- he eventually became abbot of the monastery which housed 
this shrine, and then bishop of Syracuse

* Osburga (c. 1016)
- first abbess of the nunnery founded by king Canute in 
Coventry, she became patron of that city

* Dodo (1231)
- after his wife joined a convent, he became a recluse in 
Friesland; killed by a falling wall, his corpse was found 
to have the stigmata (although cynics would say these were 
just wounds from the falling masonry)
- official patron of the Ministry of Silly Names

* Amadeus of Savoy (1472)
- grandson of antipope Felix V, he was known for his 
generosity to the poor and his personal austerity

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