Dear All,

Yesterday I sent you an "impostor" feast list. The list that I sent
yesterday under the title FEAST 21 April, should have been sent under
the heading FEAST 22 April. Hence, I have included below the real feast
list for 21 April.

Very sorry for the confusion. 

Today, 21 April, is the feast of ... 

Simeon Barsabae, bishop of Seleucia-Ctesiphon, and his companions,
martyrs (341): The entry for these martyrs has the honour - at least
according to Butler's *Lives* - of being the longest individual notice
which occurs in the Roman Martyrology. 

Anastasius I, patriarch of Antioch (599): Anastasius was banished from
his see for twenty-three years for opposing erroneous teachings that
were supported by Justinian I and Justin II. He was restored by the
Emperor Maurice at the urging of Anastasius's friend, Pope Gregory I. 

Beuno, abbot (640): His most famous miracle is that after praying for
the beheaded St Winifred - her head had been cut off by Caradoc -
Winifred was restored to her former whole self. 

Malrubius or Maelrubha, abbot (722) 

Anselm, archbishop of Canterbury and doctor of the Church (1109): In
Dante's *Paradiso* he is placed among the spirits of light and power in
the sphere of the sun, next to St John Chrysostom. 

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