If you set the ORIGIN fields in your images to suitable values before doing
anything else in SPM, then the blobs should be visible in the glass brain
projections.  Of course, the outline of the glass brain is meaningless
if spatial normalization has not been done, but you can still display
the blobs superimposed on your images (using "slices" or "sections").

In SPM96, you can make the spatial normalization just do a rigid body
registration by setting (via the defaults button) the number of nonlinear
basis functions to zero and the number of affine parameters to 6.  However,
I would not really recommend doing this if it is not strictly necessary.
Repeated resampling of the images may degrade them a little.


> Inside SPM95 or 96, how can I bypass the spatial normalization step and still 
> use the smoothing and the statistics part? Another word, how can I customize the 
> spatial normalization so that it is just a rigid body transformation and no 
> warping?
> Any help will be highly appreciated.