Dear Dr. Wakefield,

The book appears to be a mystery. Mouton used to be a Dutch 
publisher before it merged with Walter de Gruyter of Berlin. I 
checked the 'Brinkman's cumulatieve catalogus', the Dutch national 
bibliography, for the years 1975-1977, but the book you mention is 
not there. Neither does the Royal Library at the Hague possess a 
copy. There is no legal deposit in the Netherlands, but most 
publishers voluntarily donate a copy of every book to the Royal 
Library. No library in the Netherlands holds a complete set of the 
Near and Middle East Monograph Series, published by Mouton.

I doubt if any Dutch library would have bought a copy if the book had 
been available. Most libraries have either the Italian original or 
the French translation, published by Klincksieck in 1968.

Best wishes,

Arnoud Vrolijk
Leiden University Library

> Dear Colleagues,
> I wonder whether anyone can confirm that the following was NOT published:
> The literature of the Turks, 1. Translated by K(athleen).R.F. Burrill. The 
> Hague : Mouton, 1976. (Near and Middle East Monograph series, 3)
> This citation appears in R.M. Savory (ed.), Introduction to Islamic 
> civilisation, Cambridge University Press, 1976, page 195, but I have not 
> been able to find a biliographical record on the usual databases. Kathleen 
> Burrill's work was (is ?) an English translation of Alessio Bombaci, Storia 
> della letteratura turca dall'antico impero di Mongolia all'odierna Turchia 
> (Milan, 1956).
> Any assistance will be gratefully received.
> Yours sincerely,
> Colin Wakefield
> Senior Assistant Librarian
> Department of Oriental Books
> Bodleian Library
> Oxford OX1 3BG
> UK