Dear Colleagues

In the absence of a MELCOM e-list, please forgive my posting on this list a 
message only applicable to some readers of it!

Following a brief discussion at the MECOLM meeting on 21 January, and now 
that we have received the long-awaited RSLP guidelines, and in an attempt 
to get things moving, I'd like to find out: 

 a) what interest there is among UK libraries with ME collections in a 
consortial  bid for a retrocon project for ME materials (primarily Arabic, 
Persian, Turkish)  - the BL, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford (Bodleian) already
having expressed interest.

b) if there is interest, how many records in which languages do you have 
for retrocon? I think at this stage we only need to give estimates of 
records for retrocon to the nearest thousand.

If the BL, Leeds and Manchester could confirm their interest and give 
details of languages and numbers of records this would be helpful.

Please could you reply as soon as possible to a) as time is very short to 
prepare bids.

I am also wondering if there would be any interest in a project with 
Hebraica?  But maybe others are dealing with this.

If you would rather discuss this by telephone, and I am not at 277033, 
please ring 277034 and leave a message for me to ring you..

Many thanks for your time and help on this.

Lesley Forbes
Keeper of Oriental Collections
Bodleian Library
Broad Street

Telephone: 01865 277033
Fax: 01865 277029