Just to mention the recent report 'Unpacking Teachers Packs' published by
Engage which gives you basics on what teachers are interested in.. it is
biased towards Art galleries but I think there are some common points..
Elizabthe Newbry wrote an excellent guide to teachers notes/worksheets etc
in 1994 I think.. I am sorry i don't have the full reference.. Oh but in
the GEM bibliography it is.... Newbery & England Learning on Location 1996
I hope this is a strating point.. infact I have just turned to the Natural
History and Environment section in the Bibliography and I think you may
find some useful titles.

Vicky Woollard

On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, Camilla Nichol wrote:

> <color><param>0100,0100,0100</param>Is there a web resource of example education packs?  I am looking 
> into how geology is communicated in museums, and would like to 
> see examples of the resource packs used by museums.  I am 
> particularly interested in the how geological education is practised 
> by non-geologically trained educators.  
> Can anyone help?
> Thanks
> Camilla Nichol
> Hunterian Museum