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UK probabilists and statisticians may be interested in the
following event ... especially section 4.
W S Kendall


        Joint meeting of the 
     London Mathematical Society
             and the
    Belgian Mathematical Society

    Université Libre de Bruxelles
          May 14-16, 1999



Two lectures on Saturday morning, two lectures on Sunday morning. 

H. Füllmer (Humboldt U.Berlin): Stochastics in finance.
W. T. Gowers (Cambridge):
M. Kontsevich (IHES):
A. Macintyre} (Edinburgh): Between Model Theory and Intersection Theory.


40 minutes lectures on Friday and Saturday afternoon.

1) Algebraic geometry and mathematical logic
Organizers: J. Denef (K.U. Leuven), C. Michaux (U.M.H. Mons), W. A. Hodges
Mary and Westfield College, London).

D. Abramovitch (Boston Univ.): Moduli, families and stacks.
A. Borovik (UMIST Manchester): Tame groups of finite Morley rank and even
Z. Chatzidakis (CNRS - Paris 7): Model theory of difference fields.
M. Coppens (Katholieke Hogeschool Kempen, Geel):
T. Gardener (Oxford): Non-standard intersection theory.
F. Loeser (Paris 6): Motives and p-adic integrals.
T. Scanlon (Berkeley): Diophantine geometry and the model theory of
fields in positive characteristic.
W. Veys} (K.U. Leuven): Structure of open surfaces with non-positive Euler 

2) Combinatorics and finite geometries
Organizers: P. J. Cameron (Queen Mary and Westfield College, London), 
J. A. Thas (R.U. Gent).

M. Aigner (Freie Univ. Berlin):  The Penrose polynomial.
A. E. Brouwer (T.U. Eindhoven):
F. Buekenhout (U.L. Bruxelles): Incidence geometry and finite groups.
W. Haemers (K.U. Brabant, Tilburg): Graphs, eigenvalues and bicliques.
J. W. P. Hirschfeld (Sussex): Arcs and curves over a finite field.
H. Van Maldeghem (R.U. Gent): Generalized polygons.
D. Welsh (Oxford): Arrangements, channel assignments and related polynomials.
G. Ziegler (Techn. Univ. Berlin): Coloring of Hamming graphs and the
0/1-Borsuk problem.

3) Differential geometry and mathematical physics}
Organizers: N. J. Hitchin (Oxford), L. Lemaire (U.L. Bruxelles).

J.-C. Alvarez (U.C. Louvain): Integral geometry on Finsler manifolds.
B. Bowditch (Southampton):
M. Cahen (U.L. Bruxelles): Variational principle and symplectic connexions.
R. Dijkgraaf (Amsterdam): (to be confirmed)
B. Driver (U.C. San Diego): Heat kernel analysis on loop groups.
M. Gross (Warwick): Special Lagrangian fibrations and mirror symmetry.
D. Joyce (Oxford): Resolving Riemannian orbifolds with special holonomy.
A. Reznikov (Durham): Fundamental groups of complex projective varieties: 
property T and second cohomology.

4) Stochastic mathematics
Organizers: W. S. Kendall (Warwick), N. Veraverbeke (L.U.C. Diepenbeek).

L. Devroye (Mc Gill): ranching processes in computer science.
B. Driver (U.C. San Diego): Heat kernel analysis on loop groups.
P. Embrechts (E.T.H. Zurich): The mathematics of financial risk management.
R. Griffiths (Oxford): Coalescent theory and stochastic distribution of
gene trees.
G. Louchard (U.L. Bruxelles): The Brownian excursion multidimensional local
time density.
G. P. Nason (Bristol): Time-scale analysis.
D. O. Siegmund (Stanford-Cambridge): Searching for signals against a noisy
J. Teugels (K.U. Leuven): Extremes in theory and applications.

      Local organizing committee:           
      L. Lemaire, J. Leroy, M. Parker,      
      Campus Plaine U. L. B.,               
      Boulevard du Triomphe, C. P. 218/01,  
      B-1050 Bruxelles                      
      E-mail: [log in to unmask]              
      Tel.: (32)(2)650.58.45                
      Fax: ~(32)(2)650.58.67                

FURTHER INFORMATION about hotel accomodation and registration is available
on the homepage of the meeting at'99.html.  

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