Fred Hulting asked me to pass along this announcement.  Please share
with all interested people in your departments.  Also note that past
have included marketing/market research presentations, as they are an
part of statistics in "industry."  Please direct all queries to Fred.

The Spring Research Conference on Statistics in Industry and Technology
will take place in Minneapolis, MN, USA on June 2-4, 1999.  The
conference is co-sponsored by the Twin Cities Area chapter of the
American Statistical Association.  The deadline for Contributed Paper
abstracts and Student Scholarship applications is ***February 1***.
Complete details are attached (or below).


Fred Hulting
Chapter President and Local Arrangements Chair
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Announcement and Call for Papers
June 2-4, 1999
Minneapolis, MN

The Sixth ASA/IMS Spring Research Conference on Statistics
in Industry and Technology will be held on June 2-4, 1999,
in Minneapolis, MN. This announcment provides basic
information on

* What is the Spring Research Conference?
* Conference Program
* Call for Contributed Papers (Deadline: Feb 1, 1999)
* Short Course on Bayes and Empirical Bayes Methods
* Student Scholarships
* Local Arrangements
* Registration Form

Complete and up-to-date information is posted on the web site
at  You can
also contact the local arrangements chair, Fred Hulting, with
questions or information requests (email: [log in to unmask];
phone: 612/330-8239; fax: 612/330-1893;  mail:  The Pillsbury
Company MS 9625, 330 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN  55414).

We encourage you to forward this email to any interested
colleagues, and we look forward to seeing you in Minneapolis
next June!!


Modern industry and technology pose many challenging and critical
statistical problems.  The Spring Research Conference (SRC) was
founded in 1992 to provide a forum for the presentation and
exchange of information on important applications and new technical
developments in the use of statistics in industry and in the
physical and engineering sciences.  Past conferences have
consistently brought together leading statisticians, engineers,
and applied scientists, from industry, government laboratories,
and academia to address these issues.  With the strong program and
the enthusiastic participation of 150 attendees, we expect the 1999
SRC to continue this success.

The SRC is a joint venture of the Institute of Mathematical
Statistics and the Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences of
the American Statistical Association.  The 1999 conference is being
hosted by the Twin Cities Chapter of the ASA.  Additional sponsorship
for the 1999 conference is provided by The Pillsbury Company.  More
information about the history and mission of the Spring Research
Conference can be obtaind from the SRC web site.


Program Chair Bill Meeker of Iowa State University
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has assembled an excellent program for the 1999 SRC.  At this time it

Keynote Speaker:
  Gerald Hahn, GE Corporate Research

Plenary Speakers:
  Pramod Khargonekar, University of Michigan
  Dianne Lambert, Bell Labs Lucent Technologies

Invited Session Topics and Organizers:
  Experimental Design and Variance Components (Jeff Wu)
  Technometrics Session (Karen Kafadar)
  Research at NISS (Allan Karr)
  Process Monitoring and Control (Eric Lagergren)
  Reliability in Manufacturing (Harry Martz)
  Design of Computer Experiments (Max Morris)
  Advanced Manufacturing (Vijay Nair)
  Reliability Improvement (Agus Sudjianto)
  Statistical Tolerancing (Soren Bisgaard)
  Methods/Issues in Drug Discovery (Doug Hawkins)
  IC Manufacturing Issues (Paul Tobias)

Consult the web page for updates to the conference program.

** CALL FOR CONTRIBUTED PAPERS  (Deadline:  February 1, 1999)

Contributed papers pertaining to the conference theme of statistics
in industry and technology are welcome.  The deadline for contributed
paper submissions is **FEBRUARY 1, 1999**.  Contributed paper abstracts
should be submitted electronically to the Contributed Paper Chair
using the IMS templates (to facilitate publication in the IMS Bulletin
and on the web site).  The templates, along with detailed instructions
for submitting the abstracts are attached below, or they
may be obtained from the web site, or
by contacting the Contributed Paper Chair Luis A. Escobar (email:
[log in to unmask];  phone: 225/388-8377; fax: 225/388-8344).

If you submit a contributed paper abstract by the February 1 deadline,
you must register by March 15 in order to keep your place in the
The registration form is given below.


Professor Brad Carlin of the University of Minnesota will present a
one-day version of his acclaimed short course on "Bayes and Empirical
Bayes Methods for Data Analysis."   This hands-on introduction to
applied Bayes/EB methods will be held Tuesday, June 1, 1999, at the
Radisson Metrodome Hotel.

Recently, Bayes and Empirical Bayes methods have seen steadily
increasing use in physical science and engineering applications.
Indeed there are numerous areas where the application of these methods
is compelling.  For example, design problems (such as
design-for-reliability processes) require the input of external prior
information.  Experimentation requires expensive resources, whereas
engineers have significant (albeit imperfect) information already in
hand, based on physical models and theory, established materials
properties, and previous experience.  In such settings, it is important
not to expend scarce resources relearning what is already known, but
instead target them to fill the critical gaps in available knowledge.
Thanks to modern computing capabilities, Bayes and empirical Bayes
methods provide a feasible tool for doing just this.

For more information about the course, please consult the SRC web site.
Fees for the course are $50 for student conference attendees, $100 for
conference attendees, and $150 for non-conference attendees.  Use the
conference registration form to sign up for the short course (see


Graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend and participate.
Several scholarships for student speakers are available.  These
scholarships are intended to reimburse expenses for registration, meals,

and lodging at the conference, up to $300.  To apply, please submit a
contributed paper abstract (as per the instructions) by the February 1
deadline, and indicate that you wish to be considered
for a scholarship.


The conference will be held at the Radisson Hotel Metrodome in
Minneapolis.  The conference site is on the University of Minnesota
campus, close to downtown Minneapolis and centrally located to all
Twin Cities area attractions.

The conference begins on Wednesday, June 2 at 8:30 a.m. and
concludes Friday, June 4 at 12:30 p.m.  The registration fee is
$110 ($50 for students) and includes access to all sessions,
conference materials, coffee and snack breaks, the Wednesday night
mixer, and Thursday lunch.  Registration by Thursday, April 1, 1999
is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED, and fees increase slightly after that date.
Cancellations prior to May 1, 1999 will be fully refunded; after
that, the registration fee less a $30 charge will be refunded.

Contact the Radisson Hotel directly for reservations at 612/379-8888.
Please tell them that you will be attending the "ASA-IMS Spring
Research Conference."   The Radisson is offering conference attendees
single rooms at $93.00 a night, and double rooms at $103.00 a night.
Guest rooms are fully accessorized, and parking is available in the
ramp adjacent to the hotel.  Complimentary shuttle service to anywhere
within a five-mile radius of the hotel is provided to guests (this
includes downtown).  The hotel has an exercise room, and guests also
have complimentary use of the University of Minnesota's Recreation
facility and Health Club (next to hotel).  The hotel is holding a block
of 70 rooms until May 11, 1999.  You are encouraged to make your
reservations early to ensure that you get a room.

Use the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport for your air
travel destination. The Twin Cities is served by all major carriers,
and is a major hub for Northwest Airlines.   Transportation is
available to/from the Radisson Metrodome and airport via Airport
Express. You can make reservations by calling 1-800-333-1532. As of
Fall, 1998, the charge was $10.00 one-way, $16.50 round trip.  All
of the major car rentals companies are represented at the airport.
For driving directions to the hotel, consult the webpage or call
the hotel.

Again, the web site contains complete hotel and travel information,
along with lots of stuff that will convince you the Twin Cities is
the place to be in June, 1999!


The registration form is given below.  Please fill out the form,
attach your check payable in U.S. Dollars (sorry, no credit cards),
and mail to

Professor Karla Ballman
Macalester College
1600 Grand Avenue
St. Paul, MN    55105

1999 Spring Research Conference Registration Form
Minneapolis, MN  June 2-4, 1999

NAME ______________________________________________________________


STREET ADDRESS (Line 1)____________________________________________

STREET ADDRESS (Line 2)____________________________________________

CITY, STATE, ZIP___________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS (IMPORTANT!)__________________________________________

DAYTIME PHONE______________________________________________________

FAX NUMBER_________________________________________________________

Conference Registration Fee (Choose One)
(Wednesday to Friday, June 2-4, 1999)

   BEFORE APRIL 1....$110  _______
   AFTER APRIL 1.....$130  _______

   BEFORE APRIL 1.....$50  _______
   AFTER APRIL 1......$70  _______

Short Course Registration (Choose One)
(Tuesday June 1, 1999)

 NON-CONF ATTENDEE......$150 _______

Short Course Text

 ORDER COURSE TEXT.........$60 _______

Total Cost


Speakers:  If you are giving a contributed paper, please check
here _______.  You MUST register by March 15 or your paper will
be withdrawn.

Student Scholarship Applicants: If you have applied for a student
scholarship, please check here _______.


Instructions for Submitting Contributed Papers

To submit a contributed paper to the 1999 Spring Research Conference,
will need
to forward an abstract to Luis Escobar, the Contributed Paper Chair.
you are seeking a student
scholarship, please tell Luis that you wish to be considered.

First, format your abstract using the IMS TeX or LaTeX template. This is

necessary because abstracts are
published in the IMS Bulletin.   The template is attached below.  Then,
send an ASCII version of your
properly formatted abstract via email to Luis A. Escobar at
[log in to unmask] by February 1, 1999.

-------------------------------------------Template Follows

% % %
%                  IMS ABSTRACT TEMPLATE

% This file contains the definitions and abstract
% template for creating an Abstract for The IMS Bulletin
%                  in Latex.

% If possible,  please check your abstract before sending
% by typesetting it using the style provided.
% N.B. When saving the template, avoid spaces in the filename.

% __________________________________________________________

%                   STYLE and definitions

% (Please resist the temptation to change this section.)



\long\def\URL#1{ \noindent{\rm \obeylines{ #1}} \vskip20pt}
\long\def\ADDRESS#1#2#3{{ \noindent {\rm [ #1, #2;  #3] }\vskip20pt } }
\long\def\ABSTRACT#1 {\parindent=0pt {\rm #1 }\parindent=1.5cm
\vskip10pt }
\long\def\AFFILIATION#1{\hang {\it #1} \vskip10pt}
\long\def\AUTHOR#1#2 {\hang {\rm #1 #2}}
\long\def\INFO#1{{\parindent=0pt\it \obeylines{#1}}\vskip20pt}

% end of definitions

% __________________________________________________________

%                   INSTRUCTIONS

%  A suggested way of using this TEMPLATE is to replace the
% information enclosed in braces{} following the commands,
%  by your own information.

%  If no  information is  available for a command
%       please delete the corresponding command and its braces.
%       For example:  Delete \URL{  } if the paper is not available on
%  If the information to be placed in braces is not available simply
%       delete the example but leave the braces i.e.  {} .
%       For example:  If you don't have an 'EMAIL address' use
%       \ADDRESS {Name} {Regular mailing address}{}
% Please try to keep lines to 72 characters or less.
% __________________________________________________________


%  Use \AUTHOR  followed by \AFFILIATION for a single author paper.
%  If there are multiple authors from the same affiliation please repeat

%  \AUTHOR until all authors have been listed followed by \AFFILIATION.
%  When there are mutiple authors but from different affiliations use
%     appropriate combinations of  \AUTHOR and \AFFILIATION.

%  Example:
%  --------
%  Author from one affiliation  and two authors from another
%     \AUTHOR {M.Y.}{Surname}
%     \AFFILIATION {SciAssoc, Town, Country}
%     \AUTHOR {Then M.E.}{Too}
%     \AUTHOR {M.E. As}{Well}
%     \AFFILIATION {SciUni, Town, Country}

% __________________________________________________________

%  START of IMS Bulletin Latex Abstract TEMPLATE.
%  The style and information above does not need to be submitted
%  and may be removed before sending.


\INFO {This information is for organizing the abstracts.

If Invited please state INVITED and give Organiser's Name.

If Contributed state  CONTRIBUTED.

If Submitted by Title please state ABSTRACT BY TITLE.}

\TITLE {Title of Abstract. (Please do not include symbols nor exceed
15 words; see previous Bulletins for format.)}

\AUTHOR {Given name  Middle initials} {Family name}

\AFFILIATION {Please provide affiliation and location. eg. University
of Wisconsin, Madison, USA}

\ABSTRACT {Please type the Abstract here. The Abstract itself should
not exceed 150 words and should contain almost no mathematical symbols
nor expressions. {\sl Abstracts with an excess of mathematics will be
returned}\/ to the author\slash s. References to the work of others
should be complete and accurate, though titles of journal articles are
not included. Pagination must, however, be quoted in full. The
following style is recommended:

``$\ldots$ theorems of Lindley and Smith [{\it J.\thinspace
Roy.\thinspace Statist.\thinspace Soc.Ser.B}\thinspace 34\thinspace

\ADDRESS {Corresponding author's name}
{Regular mailing address}

\URL {The Location on the World Wide Web of a tex, latex  or
postscript version of the paper if it is available.
For example,
is the location  (URL) for the IMS homepage.}



Todd E. Melander
Statistical Consultant
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 (612) 825-0332
Team-Stat Statistical Services
3208 Dupont Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN  55408