MSc in Statistics

[Could you please pass on this information to any students, particularly
those who are completing or have just completed their final year, who 
might be interested in the above course.]

This is a 12 month  full-time course designed for students who wish
to develop towards becoming professional statisticians.  The course is in  
two senses a middle-of-the-road course:  it does not specialise in a particular 
area of application, but has individual courses on, for example, medical 
statistics, so that a wide variety of kinds of application of statistics can be 
experienced; and while reflecting the  belief that statistics is valueless unless 
applicable to real problems it also recognises that a professional must 
know enough theory to understand WHY a procedure is valid (or not).
Broader skills (report writing, oral presentation, working in groups, 
etc) are also developed through the use of numerous small projects. 
There is, of course, a long summer project almost always treating a 
problem from the hospitals, a bank, the local authority, or somewhere 
else outside. 

Students are usually mathematicians, but others who are comfortable 
(not necessarily greatly knowledgeable) with such things as matrix algebra
have been sucessful in the past.

We anticipate 13 EPSRC studentships, as this year.

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