> I am a biologist, considering whether or not it is correct to carry out a
> Bonferonni procedure on my data, and would be very grateful for any advice.
> (details deleted)
> Thanks, 
> Steve Rossiter

We compared (by simulation) a number of corrections for multiplicity, see

Brown, B. W. and Russell, K. "Methods Correcting for Multiple Testing:
Operating Characteristics."  Statistics in Medicine, 16: 2511-2528 (1997).

Bonferroni is, of course, very conservative.  We like the graphic method
described below as a starting point to seeing what is going on.

Schweder, T. and Spjotvoll, E. "Plots of P-values to evaluate many tests
simultaneously." Biometrika 69: 493-502 (1982)

Code for these methods is available on our web site


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