Dear Colleagues,
You will now find Piscator, Journal Watch and a new 'Comment' section on 
the Annals web site.

Brian Payne has drawn together recent discussion about creatinine 
clearance.  This was the subject of contributions to the mail base some 
weeks ago.  This new Comment section is intended to draw on topical 
issues, be they on the mail base or elsewhere, and publish a scholarly 
view on the them.

January Journal Watch is a bumper issue with contributions on a variety 
of topics from John Honour, Ruth Ayling, Colin Samuell, Andrew Taylor, 
David Holt, John Johnston and Avril Owen.

Piscator touches, metaphorically, on faecal fats and urine collection 
If you fancy yourself as a budding Piscator give me a call!

Stephen Halloran
Editor in Chief
Annals of Clinical Biochemistry