> I think ergotism was called St Anthony's fire..? 
> Marija-Ana 

Elmo, Vitus, Anthony, whoever. 

The pressing question before the list is: Does he do plumbing?

(Probably not, but we do have in this country, O Ceramic One, something called
"San[t]a Flush."   Perhaps….    Hope this helps  };-{  )

Graham Jones' question

>Do we know if the Order of St Antony of Vienne became involved in the
treatment of ergotism coincidentally, by force of circumstance, or had Antony
been invoked for skin ailments before the translation of relics to La Motte? 

moves the ball a bit. But are not the Order and the translation a bit after
Hildegard's time?

Was Anthony specific for the "mal des ardents" in the 12th c. and 

My association of St. Nicholas with the malady comes from a c. 1100 charter I
have from near Chartres (Gallardon/Auneau) which mentions Nick and the _ignis
divinus_ in, as it were, the same breath. 
But I offer herewith a bit of the original on the off chance that someone here
might mercifully correct my halucinatory understanding of the Latin: 

In alia quoque festiuitate prescripta confessoris [sancti scilicet nicholai]
dum missa celebraretur sollennis[,] allatus est quidam in 
redula nimis anxius cuius pedem tribus ebdomadibus consumpserat ignis diuinus;
qui usque ad uesperas inibi iacens atque ipsius sancti uxilium attentius
deposcens deo quantum apud se ipsius sancti possent merita demonstrante[,]
subito curatus est[.] Cuius curationem ego hugo [Guarlardonensium dominus]
audiens letus adueni[,] atque precioso confessori terram cultui unius karrugae
sufficientem per cultellum[.]

I note in documents elsewhere in my region a certain tendancy for the chapels
of _castri_ in the late 11th-12th cc. to be dedicated to St. Nicholas and have
the working hypothesis (doesn't work too well, however) that this may have
been due to a Norman influence among the "nobility" 
of the region.
Anyone here wishing to share a better idea would be welcome and appreciated.

Thanks, Marija-Ana, for straightening me out on Anthony.

Best to all from here,


Christopher Crockett

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