Dear Professor Dinzelbacher

This may be too early for your purposes, but a large (and therefore interpreted
as titular) statue of Mercury at the Romano-British temple at Uley, in
Gloucestershire, England, was broken up and its torso and limbs used as rubble
in the walling of what the excavators interpreted as a Christian church. The
head, however, appeared to have been deliberately separated and buried
alongside the south wall towards its east end. If this was not 'burial' in your
sense and a demonstration of carefulness by the builders, it is hard to think
what else they may have intended.

The reference is in the recent excavation report. Would you like the details?

Graham Jones

> > Dear colleagues,> > please let my try again: does anyone know astudy
onecclesiastical> sculptures which were not used any longer and therefor were
put into graves> near the church. I do remember to have read about that custom, but cannot
> trace the literature.
> Thank you in advance, and best wishes for 1999,
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