Today, 11 December, is the feast of ... 

* Damasus, pope (384) 
- his epitaph, in the cemetery of St Callistus, reads: I, 
Damasus, wished to be buried here, but I feared to offend 
the ashes of these holy ones

* Barsabas, martyr (?)
- an abbot, he was beheaded in Persia, along with his 
twelve monks

* Fuscian, Victoricus, and Gentian, martyrs (?)
- Roman missionaries in Gaul, the first two were seen to 
walk away from the site of their execution, carrying their 
heads in their hands

* Daniel the Stylite (493)
- one of the greatest pillar-saints, he was buried at the 
foot of the pillar he had lived upon for 33 years

* Pietro Pettinaio, or Pietro Tecelano (1289)
- a comb-maker by trade, he joined the third order of St 
Francis; so noted for the efficacy of his prayers that 
people believe him to be the Pier Pettinagno who Dante 
refers to in *Purgatorio* 13, 128

* Franco da Grotti (1291)
- lived a debauched life in Siena, but converted by a 
vision when he was 65 years old; became a Carmelite lay-

* Ugolino Magalotti (1373)
- a Franciscan tertiary and hermit

* Girolamo Ranuzzi (1455)
- Servite priest, who after education in Bologna spent much 
time in and around Urbino, where he was known to Federico 
da Montefeltro, the duke of Urbino

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