Today, 16 September, is the feast of:

* Cornelius, pope and martyr (253)
- combatted and excommunicated the first formal antipope, Novatian

* Cyprian, bishop of Carthage, martyr (258)
- most prominent supporter of pope Cornelius (see above), but
opposed succeeding pope, Stephen; completely renounced pagan literaure

* Euphemia, virgin and martyr (303?)
- overcame tortures of 'imprisonments, stripes, the wheel, fire,
heavy stones, beasts, scourging, sharp nails and burning pans' before
being killed by a bear; her tomb in Chalcedon was site of interesting
miracle at council of 451, seen as settling the Monophysist heresy

* Abundius, Abudantius and companions, martyrs (304?)
- while taken to be martyred, Abundius raised pagan John from
the dead (in time for him to be martyred as well)

* Ninian, bishop (432?)
- mentioned by Bede, and subject of an interesting vita by Aelred
of Rievaulx

* Ludmila, martyr (921)
- mother of 'good king' Wenceslaus

* Edith of Wilton, virgin (984)
- daughter of King Edgar and Wulfrida; her death was foreseen by
Dunstan, archbishop of Canterbury; commemorated in the diocese of
Clifton (= Bristol)

* Victor III, pope (1087)
- after living as monk and hermit in central Italy (with name of
Desiderius), became abbot of Montecassino in 1057; succeeded Gregory VII
as pope in 1086

* Vitalis of Savigny, abbot (1122)
- founder of abbey of Savigny, part of the 12th-century monastic

* Louis Allemand, archbishop of Arles and cardinal (1450)
- despite excommunication by pope Eugenius IV, he was restored to
cardinalatial dignity by pope Nicholas V

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