Today, 15 September, is the feast of...

* Our Lady of Sorrows
- made popular by Servite friars from their inception, but was not
made a feast throughout the Western church until 1814 (ed. note: thanks
to John Wickstrom, who reminded me to include this feast)

* Nicomedes, martyr (date unknown)
- Roman martyrology: 'on saying to those who tried to make him
sacrifice, "I do not sacrifice except to the almighty God who reigns
in Heaven", he was for a long time beaten with leaded whips and under
this torture passed to the Lord'

* Nicetas the Goth, martyr (375)
- the other great martyr among the Goths, Sabas, has 12 April as
feast; relics taken to Mopsuestia in Cilicia (hence the cult's presence
throughout Byzantine and Syrian churches)

* Aichardus / Achard, abbot (c. 687)
- abbot of Jumieges (founded by St Philibert); like his predecessor,
had gift of foretelling deaths (including his own)

* Mirin (seventh century?)
- Irish missionary in Scotland, buried at Paisley; when an Irish
king opposed him, Mirin laid the pains of childbirth upon him

* Aichardus / Achard, monk (c. 1170)
- recorded in Cistercian menology; master of novices at Clairvaux

* Catherine of Genova, widow (1510)
- mystic; wrote treatise on Purgatory and a dialogue of the soul
and the body

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