My query of 2 December on licensing of databases and ejournals for off-campus
and overseas access didn't produce many replies - I guess we are all struggling
a bit to understand the situation. 

However, following discussion with a number of suppliers the broad picture
appears to be:

CHEST licenced datasets can be used from overseas. Although the licences refer
to use in the UK I am assured by the Director of CHEST/NISS that using a
database from overseas is acceptable. Exporting the whole database is not! 

I haven't checked every resource, but I think anything using ATHENS is 
licenced to be used from anywhere by registered members of your institution.

Commercial databases have varied restrictions and there may be different
licences (and extra costs) for off-campus and overseas use - eg Inside Web,
Current Legal Information.

The rules for ejournals also vary. For example, ingentaJournals and the 
Institution of Civil Engineers have no geographical restrictions, but the 
Institute of Physics gives abstracts only from off-campus. Some publishers 
rely on IP checking, so technically off-campus access may not be possible, 
unless users can dial in to a server. Most have plans to extend access, but it 
is not a priority. Others hadn't realised there was a demand. Some are 
considering the use of ATHENS.

Please let me (and the list) know if I have made any incorrect assumptions.