Kick Start Your Career in 1999 with Continuing Professional Development 

12 	Figure it out for yourself	
13	Marc for beginners (Book early)	
19	Demonstrating your worth	
20	Guided tour of the Internet (Book early) 
26	Managing the enquiry service	
28	Dealing with difficult users academic libraries

2	Springboard (A 4 day personal development event for women) (New
for 1999)
3	Giving a good answer (Book early)	
4	Segmentation of academic libraries	
9	Costing and pricing	
10	Moving into management	
11	Producing and editing a newsletter
16/17	Cataloguing & classifying (Book early) 
18	World wide web (Book early) 	
24/25	Consultation and best value in the public library (New for 1999)

2	Information Auditing	
4	Dewey 21 - a revision of UK Area Tables (New for 1999)) 
9	Effective information skills teaching & learning for schools
(Book early)	
10	Supervisory skills
11	Producing effective promotional literature	
15	Introduction to on-line Searching (Book early)	
16	Making the most of the Internet (Book early)
17/18	Assessing clients needs in academic libraries
23	Public speaking and presentation skills	
24	Managing a business link information service (New for 1999)	
25	Dewey 21 - a revision of UK Area Tables (New for 1999) 	

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