On the subject of Denise Riley,  SoFi (formerly Southfields magazine),
editor Richard Price, is devoting a forthcoming issue to her work,
including an essay of mine based on the talk I gave at the "Assembling
Alternatives" conference: "The grace of being common".  Of the articles
that I know on her work, my favourite is the one by Nigel Wheale, although
it's a few years ago now.
DR dsn't like poet crit. and obviously the important thing is to read the
work.  It's all in there, including her "manifestos", such as:
The ambition to not be particular speaks

'I cannot tell what gives each voice its tune -
 some furious tenderness of buried words
 or interference from the streets
 and their hazardous crying -

 but if for me some words must be exhumed
 out of their sunken heat they must be cooled
 to the grace of being common -

 so as to achieve my great colourlessness
 I dive into the broken brilliant world
 and float in it unindividuated, whitely'