SYZYGY          TREVOR JOYCE   16pp, hand sewn chapbook,  3.50 or $5(currency)

A long poem in which lyric intensity and the most rigorous intellectual
underpinnings interpenetrate or even coexist.  Gorgeous stuff.

and then there is this sound 
that starts with a scarcely audible 
rustling inside gold the whisper
echoing within the diamond
grows to take in snatches
from high stars from elsewhere
the disintegrating actions
of clocks so that eventually
you attend to the infinities
of numbers shattering
the shriek that is the change
of several millions

the red fish leaping from the mouth 
up the cold fresh stream
to the empty source
spilling down
through stars and through
the watching courses of stone 
until the fixed mesh abstracts
unerringly each hour
with all its clamouring brood
jerking routinely to the tune

TINY PIECES             BILLY MILLS   10pp, hand=sewn,  2.00 or $3.00

Modest in size but not in scope, much of Mills poetic can be deduced from
this bite-sized miracle.    

Available from 

Wild Honey Press 16a Ballyman Road Bray Co. Wicklow Ireland
cheques payable to Randolph Healy

Writing is currency so both titles also available in exchange for some of
your own work in any form.