Re cris's note, two things

one thing, to remind you, it's L5.00 / 2.50 admission

second thing, what i wld have appended to that would be to remind all
Londoners etc that Johan de Wit and I are guest poets at Torriano Sunday
evening - is #95? Torriano Avenue... right out of Kentish Town tube, or is
it write out of Kentish Town tube, down Leighton Road or Avenue - Road,
Leighton Road, and when after 5 to 10 minutes you hit Torriano Avenue,
leftand it's on the left, Torriano Meeting House, 95 or 99. Starts about

See you Sunday See you Tuesday

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Date: 04 March 1998 16:55
Subject: dub voicive / CD - book launch


cris cheek & Sianed Jones
are inviting all to the UK launch
and a performance - reading of:

'Songs From Navigation'

an inter-related book and CD project
published by Reality Street
and available for 10 on the night
(after that it's 12.50)

also publication of 'Plain Speaking' (for Kathy Acker)
and 'Double Sky Hopes Locker' (for Diana) will be available

Tuesday 10th March, 8pm
at: SubVoicive
The Three Cups
Sandland Street