I'm not a British poet but I am interested in talking about innovative
writing in Britain, so that counts, I hope.

I'd like to announce a talk series starting up at King;s College, London. 
The first three events are as follows: 

12 February (Thursday): Ken Edwards

4 March (Wednesday): Robert Hampson

18 March (Wednesday): Tony Lopez

Talks will be in room 238 at the Strand Campus. Enter through the main
glass doors, go to second floor; 238 is right behind the elevators. I'll
be asking for a 4/2 pound donation. Money goes to speakers. All talks will
start at 7.

I hope that these talks will help with public discussion of the conditions
of writing. I can't predict who will be there: writers, students,
teachers, readers? Discussing assumptions and reliances helped to sharpen
and change writing practices when we had a talk series in the States a
while back. 

So if you could pass the word around about these, I'd be grateful.

Bob Perelman