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 Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 12:09:39 -0400
 Subject: Nikuko, Jennifer, Julu, Alan, all leaving


We are leaving Japan and will be on nomail or offline or on ragged line
for a period of time, perhaps only a day but perhaps up to ten days and
for this we are very sorry. It is also of much travail and difficult, this
leaving, and what is being reassembled on the other shore may bear no
resemblance to what has been upon this one, in various positions, upright
or supine or leaning to one or another side.

The beginnings are rarely recognized for what they are; the leavings,
scraps, are so often of a long thread, red and drawn out, well past the
breaking point.

That one of us can no longer think, and with this breaking of thinking as
well, what emerges are mewling sounds from the throat, breaking as an
example the series of parables, to be taken up at the later date. For when
one of us can no longer think, the rest of us are thrown into the series,
drowned in noise, acceded equivalent positions, dissolved in the same vat.

In the meantime, there are those examples already in the Internet Text and
other locations at
MIRROR with other pages at:
which may be of interest.

As usual because of lag, we cannot write further in this regard. Be that
as it may, please excuse lack of contact, human or otherwise, for several
days, if such be the case.

Alan, Nikuko, Julu, Jennifer, Travis, Tiffany, Honey