gradually realize white noise
        is not noise of her chewing
        grey gelatinous teasel heads

        in bomb damaged tea rooms
        but is in fact radio-alarm clock
        tuned to off-air station. red

        LED numerals swim in total
        darkness. six colon zero nine
        six colon one zero. dream dissolves

        becomes rheum blurring vision
        erection steadily diminishing
        six colon one one. one leg

        out of bed. three, two, one
        - roll over - and out
        kneel by bedside as if praying

        take pull from glass of water
        to irrigate parched reptillian
        tongue. she says "paloma picasso"
        and smacks lips
        as if savouring something delicious
        tasted for first time

        "same place on chart as vente
        vert" she announces. arbitrary
        decision or observation? slip

        feet into curling flip-flops
        and marvel at her amazing
        world of the unconscious. wonder

        if white noise also on chart
        no clock digital or analogue
        in bathroom. dark yellow

        urine puts head on water in avocado
        toilet bowl. psoriasis on face
        worse according to mirror. ignore

        unreliable bathroom scales with pointer
        waiting at zero. shower tiles cold
        underfoot. wash hair and clammy

        maggot white flesh
        six colon three two according to
        blue LEDs of microwave oven

        make tea and take tea
        into silent living room. electric
        milk float hums past outside

        switch on tv. zap through
        terrestrial and satellite channels
        six colon four nine according to

        white LEDs of VCR. kill tv
        stand in dark room pondering
        land of rising sun. envisage

        stolid hungover salaryman
        waking in mortuary drawer sized
        hotel room with incomplete

        recall of previous night and sudden
        anxiety about how drunken
        behaviour might affect adversely

        worthy but dismal career
        magpies chatter astonishingly
        loud on rooftops opposite

        like mad itinerant nuns
        squabbling above precipice
        six colon five nine

        according to grey and black
        LCD of wristwatch on desk
        in study. double dot of colon winks

        on and off, marking dying
        seconds of hour of neither
        night nor day