Good on you Douglas Clark for inciting such a wonderful flowering.  

cris:  yes!

Ernest:  I really liked Modern Poetry.  You have described yourself as a
writer of light verse.  Which requires no little talent.  MP is a hummer.
Wd it be churlish to suggest you live with the last three lines a little
longer.  That fell down a little after the miracles which preceded them.

Many thanks to all poem posters.  I've been correcting tests all week.  Also
had to check a science order consisting of 2000 items.  And have been
feverishly making chapbooks for the Cork Conference for New and Experimental
Poetry, which takes place on March 13th and 14th, featuring Harry Gilonis,
Alex Davis, Billy Mills, Catherine Walsh, Maurice Scully, Geoffrey Squires,
Augustus Young, Trevor Joyce and myself.  We cd easily outnumber the
audience.  So again, heartfelt thanks to _all_ you poets.  It's been such a

Randolph Healy