forwarded for those interested. Urging participation. Padin is one of the
good guys. The situations in Chiapas and the Lacondon forests is one of the
great struggles today.

Question: Who sets agendas through the agency of which indigenous peoples
across the planet 'enter' or 'engage' with industrialised societies? Who
controls the resources legislates against the common wealth. Fight the
power. Democracy is a mirror sham.


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                The Primary Social Revolution of the III Millenium

          The right of all peoples to fight with the weapons of ethical and

social justice to lead free and decent lives. The Zapatista Army of National

Liberation of Chiapas, Mexico, is fighting to overcome the social and economic

inequalities forcing countless millions of human beings all over the world to

live and die like animals in hunger and deprivation. "We are all Marcos"

fighting with  reason, truth, and for the justice of our cause  to raise the

standards of living for our people.

          We are simply unable to exist as we do, struggling to improve our

living conditions, unless our lives are valued according to basic human

principles. "Others" also live and suffer as we do under a system that

wields powers often unwanted  by them. Our human nature, our human essence,

enables us to recognize that their  "otherness" is  ours, even if they fail to

think like us.

          The bloodless revolution in Chiapas launched by the people and their

representatives and modified by world public opinion, through revolutionary

announcements in all media,  above all through the Internet, have made the

humanitarian principles of The Primary Social Revolution of the III

Millenium a model to follow.

 Mediums: no restrictions, including street mail, e-mail, and fax.

 Forms and types: no restrictions, but all submissions must be in two

dimensions (no cartons or boxes, no artists' books, no sculptures, etc.).

 All submissions will be exhibited and every artist will receive written

acknowledgment of his participation in the exhibit.

 After the exhibition, all works  received will be turned over to the

Zapatista Army of National Liberation, Chiapas, Mexico.

 Deadline: July 30, 1998

Send to :

                Clemente Padin

                C.Correo Central 1211

                11000 Montevideo


 Fax : + (598 2) 915 04 17

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