On Mon, 9 Feb 1998, John Cayley wrote:
> It was our listleader who warned me, as a young person, that life is too
> short to keep reading anything you are not enjoying 

I have to refute this. I've never been a young person, I was born at the
age of 35 and have been ageing in two year increments ever since. This
winter I qualified for an extra heating allowance which won't be brought
into force until 2049. Hence my short attention span (and by the way,
isn't it rather rash to name a credit card after a golfish?), and my
failure to recall anything I may have said in my supposed youth.

On the other hand, whoever it was that said that was pretty damned smart,
I'm with 'em. Texts are everywhere - if it doesn't move you, drop it.