Emotion can only truly be understood in the" READING " of a work
and then to an audience, with one's heart to the fore.


Rise up the fallen of the line,
Scattered through deep's shadow mire,
In the battle of for-evermore,
Only the mortally slain may tire,
Yet as this curse stained spear
Drags on my souls eternal fire,
Encircling Bright anim'a'   aloft,
Love's deep hunger yet inspires.

As to brutal death in voiceless cry
Strangling hands would life condemn,
I'll speak yet wthin their minds,
Strike a breeze they cannot defend,
Ochone,....stormheart of gathering Brights,
The shadow stayed, no vantage lend,
Out of the medley Gabrielle,
So stoop and beckon I ascend,

Yet as my soul could not refrain
But swarm to follow in Love's wake,
This shuddering form of limbs and pain 
Is feign to relinquish life and break.
Where love's will yearns,  no longer wait,
The battle rejoined by same stake,
I could not stay but by what love imbues,
Not leave but by the gate love makes.

			Rickky ( Felstar Janin ) Kent-Morgan