I was rather shocked and horrified to read a review on the latest Hughes
manifesto for the New World, which stated, incredibly, that the Main Man
has at last gotten around to writing Poetry with an emotional content.
Ughhhhhh. If there was a Tarot card to represent this situation it could
only be the Tower crumbling under the gaze of a God's eye view.
Horror upon horror , has the man really been writing all these years as a
pure intellectual analysis of the pattern of symbols on paper, and
none-the-less been raised to the Hierarchy of the great poets of all time
and space. Now he has discovered emotion. Will the Universe so convulse in
response and throw us all asunder, tremble the ground beneath our feet, 
or simply bring us to feel something, ....sensitively. The most amazing
thing about this review was that the observation was not simply the
opinion of the critic, but of the Author of the New Works himself.

Personally, I cannot imagine writing without an emotional content, nor
make analysis without the same. It is a suggestion from the Author in this
declaration that we all might want to review his historical rise to fame
and understand the true emotional-vacuum from which most of his works have
sprung. Perhaps the world has finally reached the man beneath the mask.
However , before confirming this demise of the condition of
spiritual and emotional alienation I will have to review his New Works
myself. He may not quite have made it yet into the real world of human
spiritual and emotional beings.

		Heart and mind and body at one,
			with the sacred heart of the Universe.

				Bless you all to write,

		Rickky.F.J. Kent-Morgan