Dear Robert (?) Hampson,

thanks for yours; the point I made earlier was really that there seemed to
be a number of poets next door to JHP who could equally well be discussed
(Turnbull, Raworth, A Various Artists), and that seems to be happening a
bit now. I also wondered who's next, from the generation of writers I knew
in London, and how that canonization process would work. Thanks for
pointing out again that no-one took up the thread on New Criticism. So I
don't really have further significant contributions to make on the poets I
mentioned - I am writing on postcolonial theory these days - but welcome
any broadening of the strong Cambridge-London axis. 

I think I may unsubscribe - too many arguments going in too many
directions (some subscribers feeling the compulsion to put every thought
online - this has the feel of the start of an old American sci-fi
story) - and, to be honest, too few of the points I made about
canonization and email taken up. The discussion on transatlantic
collaboration looks interesting though.

Michael Gardiner.